Thursday, January 24, 2013

Not Your Body - Not Your Choice - Abortion is Murder

Someone once tried to explain to me why women should have the right to choose to abort their babies. In practically the same breath, he claimed his philosophy is "Live and let live."

I pointed out we share the same philosophy. Babies should be allowed to live. He shut up. For a few minutes. Then, he said, "Well, if the fetus is in the third trimester, maybe it should live, but if it's just in the first or second trimester, it doesn't matter."

At that juncture, I exercised valiant self control.

Not your body - Not your choice. Help abolish abortion and child slavery

not your body not your choice abortion is murder photo notyourbodynotyourchoiceabortionismurder_zps464aedad.jpg

Planned Parenthood slaughters innocent babies - would it bother you if they used guns photo planned-parenthood-slaughters-innocent-babies-would-it-bother-you-if-they-used-guns_zps5e3d5ff9.jpg

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