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Object Generated Wormholes as Wake Effect Causing Superluminal Transit

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Here is a re-post of an article I wrote back in February, 2012. Maybe it will spark some interest:

I have a personal hypothesis I want to share about faster-than-light neutrinos. Actually, it is a hypothesis about superluminal mass of any composition.

Whenever you move a mass through a medium, that medium is disturbed or acted upon in some way by the mass traveling through it. For example, a bullet shot into water leaves a cavitation trail behind it. A supersonic aircraft drags a conical shock wave called a Mach cone. The aircraft remains inside its own Mach cone, and the Mach cone travels with the aircraft.

If the aircraft is hypersonic, meaning it is traveling faster than Mach five, its Mach cone begins to resemble a tapered tube of considerable length. The faster the aircraft moves through the medium, which is air in this case, the more extended and tubular the Mach cone becomes. Space and air are vastly dissimilar mediums, but consider the analogy.

Suppose a mass, say a neutrino, is traveling through space at a relativistic velocity, meaning it is subluminal but moving at nearly the speed of light. The faster an object moves, the more its mass increases, as measured by a stationary observer. This is called mass dilation. Ask Einstein.

While the mass of the object increases with speed, the size of the object does not increase. In a way, its size actually decreases as speed increases. To a stationary observer, the object appears compressed longitudinally. That is to say, it appears shortened along its direction of travel. Its mass increases with speed.

Mass affects space. Mass warps space. So, the faster our pet neutrino travels, the more it warps space in its local vicinity. Now, suppose our pet neutrino encounters a patch of dark matter or dark energy, or some other material about which we know little or nothing. Like a bullet slamming into water, our pet neutrino could create some disturbance in the medium. But, suppose, for whatever reasons based on physics elusive to our brightest minds, the disturbance is projected ahead of our fast moving neutrino rather than dragged behind it.

What would a cavitation trail or an elongated Mach cone resemble if you were to reverse it so it extends ahead of the object that is generating it? To my mind’s eye, it would sort of resemble what a wormhole might look like.

Suppose the combined effects of our fast moving neutrino on the medium it encounters and on localized space generate a wormhole proportional to the kinetic energy of the neutrino. Suppose the wormhole is projected ahead of the neutrino, precisely along the direction of travel.

Apply this concept to any particle of mass, not just neutrinos. Suppose the high-speed mass enters its own wormhole and emerges out the forward end of the wormhole, thus instantaneously advancing a discrete distance along the direction of travel. As soon as the mass emerges out the front end of the wormhole, the wormhole collapses behind the mass, somewhat like a cavitation bubble collapses behind an object moving rapidly through a liquid.

Suppose that, upon emerging from the forward end of its own wormhole, the object again encounters the right medium with the right set of parameters. The moving object generates a new wormhole and repeats this same quantum skipping routine again and again, somewhat analogous to a rock skipping across water, or a pulsejet propelling itself forward in rapid, short bursts.

So, there it is. Object generated, short lived wormholes might exist as forward projected wake phenomena associated with mass at high relativistic velocities transiting certain mediums under certain conditions. The net effect from the point of view of an observer is a mass moving at superluminal velocity.

And then, we open up another can or worms. We have what I call, for lack of better terminology, temporal kinetics and temporal inertia. These concepts are similar to the well known principles of kinetics and inertia dealing with moving objects. However, temporal kinetics and temporal inertia apply to objects moving through time.

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Apostles attend Vatican Summit on Marriage

Audio and video clips from the Vatican Summit on Marriage, held 17-19 November 2014.

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New Teaser Reign of Judges Title of Liberty

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Making the case for the epic Reign of Judges Title of Liberty

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You know you are onto something good when your efforts come under attack from adversarial influences. There is already opposition to the epic movie and freedom movement, Reign of Judges Title of Liberty. Necessarily, there is opposition in all things. Nothing of great worth is accomplished without becoming a target of the nay-sayers, the misguided, and the downright obdurate.

So, to encourage those of you out there who will appreciate this film, its message, and the source from whence it came, I offer the following thoughts in response to anarchist and pacifist arguments I have encountered in cyberbia.

America exists today, and you are free today to oppose, criticize, belittle, and be heard, because countless soldiers fought vigorously to secure the Constitution and the independence of the United States of America.

What would have happened if the Patriots of 1776 had taken a pacifist stance and decided it would be better not to participate in any Revolutionary War?

Where would you and I be today if our Founding Fathers had taken an anarchist stance and decided not to establish the Constitution.

What kind of life would you and I have today if America had decided not to fight the Japanese and the Nazis in the 1940s?

The movie Reign of Judges Title of Liberty illustrates in a visual medium a portion of what the Book of Mormon addresses regarding preserving liberty against forces not only external to, but internal to a republic that was established under divine direction. It is precisely applicable to what is happening in America today, and in a broader sense to the world as a whole.

Aside from its literal relevance to physical threats to liberty, the film and the Book of Mormon carry dual relevance to the spiritual battle being waged against liberty. And no, this film is not just for Mormons. It is for the entire world. In fact, it is intended more for the world than it is for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Wherever you live, and whatever you believe, this film will touch your soul and engage your attention like no other film has ever done.

Now, what about those pacifists out there who argue that we should never go to war for any reason, not even to defend ourselves. After all, isn't that how the people of Ammon handled the threat to their liberty and their lives? Didn't they literally lie down on the ground and let their enemies butcher them and hack them to pieces rather than take up arms against their brethren? So, isn't that what we should do as well? Shouldn't someone be making a movie about the people of Ammon rather than one about Captain Moroni?

 photo StriplingWarriorsHeaderImage-580x241-72dpi_zps851d6fa0.jpg

Good question. Here is my answer. Yes, there does need to be a movie made about the people of Ammon, and surely there will be, in due time. However, it must be understood, and it should be portrayed in such a movie, that the people Ammon were once a bloodthirsty and murderous people who were miraculously converted to Christ through the missionary efforts of Ammon. As part of their repentance, they chose to bury their weapons and make an oath before God that they would never again fight, even in self defense.

The people of Ammon were once Lamanites and bitter enemies of the Nephites. Following the conversion of the people of Ammon, it was no longer safe for them to remain among the Lamanites, so they were graciously given land by the Nephites, who were willing to fight on their behalf against their brethren, the Lamanites. The Lamanites were bent on destroying the people of Ammon, in large part because the people of Ammon had converted to Christianity, which was the faith of the Nephites.

While the people of Ammon had vowed never to shed blood again, they understood the plight of their Nephite allies. The people of Ammon willingly and voluntarily supported the Nephite armies with food and supplies.

The Lamanite threat intensified. As the people of Ammon came under direct attack, they chose to lie down on the ground and suffer themselves to be brutally slain, as they had many times slain others without cause. After their conversion, they would rather be slain without resisting than to risk returning their hearts to their bloodthirsty ways.

Enter Helaman's two-thousand stripling warriors. These were the sons of the people of Ammon. These sons had been raised after the conversion of their once murderous fathers. These sons had never tainted their souls with murderous plunderings as their fathers had done. Therefore, these two-thousand sons, seeing their now penitent fathers on the verge of utter extinction, chose to go to war in defense of their fathers, and in defense of the people of Ammon as a whole. They also sought to help the Nephites who were fighting to preserve the people of Ammon.

These sons were perfectly justified in going to war, and they fought most violently and valiantly, demonstrating perfect faith in God and exercising impeccable precision in carrying out the inspired orders of Helaman, their Nephite commander. And, in their particular case, God preserved every last one of them, just as he had promised.

The miraculous preservation of these two-thousand young men who were probably in their teens, and definitely had never before seen battle, testifies that they were justified before God in going to war on behalf of their fathers and their families, and their allies, the Nephites.

A present day parallel to this might come to pass if there were to be a group of Muslim extremists who miraculously convert to Christ and are so deeply repentant of their murderous practices that they are willing to be slaughtered, as they have slaughtered, rather than take up arms again. Perhaps they will then raise righteous sons who choose to fight with perfect faith in Christ, and who may be miraculously delivered while preserving their contrite fathers and families against the inevitable attacks directed at them by their extremist brethren who will not tolerate their conversion to Christianity.

The Book of Mormon was written for our day, and our day is not yet over. We have yet to see the unfolding of miracles unlike anything we have heretofore witnessed in the affairs of the peoples of the world.

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Mark Eberle Interviews Visionary Filmmaker Darin Southam on Patcnews

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Disseminated on a Need to Know basis and you need to know

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"O that I were an angel, and could have the wish of mine heart, that I might go forth and speak with the trump of God, with a voice to shake the earth, and cry repentance unto every people! Yea, I would declare unto every soul, as with the voice of thunder, repentance and the plan of redemption, that they should repent and come unto our God, that there might not be more sorrow upon all the face of the earth." (Alma 29:1-2)

Alma grieved, supposing himself a sinner to entertain such desires of grandeur in his time.

"But behold, I am a man, and do sin in my wish; for I ought to be content with the things which the Lord hath allotted unto me." (Alma 29:3)

God has allotted unto us the very means that Alma yearned to have at his disposal. And we are under sacred obligation to do what Alma only wished he could do.

Is not the internet, when properly used, a trump of God through which is declared both the warning voice of truth and good tidings of truth to all the world? Are not we, who properly apply this magnificent tool with global reach and immediate efficacy, as angels sounding a trump of God? Do we not, through small and simple truths disseminated consistently and articulated clearly, shake the earth from the clutches of evil?

I boldly and shamelessly testify that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true and living church on the earth. Jesus Christ is the Redeemer, the only begotten Son of God in the flesh. Joseph Smith saw God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, two individual personages with tangible, exalted bodies. Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon from ancient records engraved on metal plates shown to him by the resurrected ancient American prophet, Moroni, the son of the prophet Mormon. The Book of Mormon is true. It is the most correct book on the earth at this time. It was written for you and me, and for our posterity. And there is more to come.

On multiple occasions, I risked my career as an officer in the United States Air Force to communicate my personal testimony of these simple and irrefutable truths, and to give the gift of The Book of Mormon to townsfolk where I was stationed, to enlisted men and to general officers and to men of every rank in between. In the very act of being reprimanded, I have urged officers above me to be baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I have been called "an embarrassment to the unit" by my operations officer, because I gave a visiting general a Book of Mormon. I believe I have been the target of conspiracies to remove me from my position under false pretenses. I have had a supervisor threaten to destroy me.

God preserved me, and I remained. I did not lose my career. I was blessed to complete it early, on terms favorable to myself and to my family.

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#ifollowhim because He is my Friend and my Savior

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#ifollowhim because He is my Friend and my Savior. Check out

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Update on Reign of Judges Title of Liberty by Darin Southam

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Potential Fan Reach for Reign of Judges Title of Liberty

Just to illustrate how effective We the People can become, I did some math regarding potential fan reach based on a starting count of 8,300 fans. If every freedom loving participant gets two new people to actively promote this production each week, this worldwide freedom movement can exceed One Billion participants in just over four months! Small and simple things...

Do your part.

Potential Fan Reach for Reign of Judges Title of Liberty photo FanReachPotentialforROJ-TOL_zps301341e3.jpg

Darin Southam leads freedom movement with Title of Liberty.

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Your prayers are needed for Reign of Judges Title of Liberty freedom movement

Reign of Judges Title of Liberty banner image photo reign-of-judges-title-of-liberty-banner-image-580x214-72dpi_zps2da68820.jpg

The world is on the verge of being introduced to an epic film that possesses a power unlike any before it. This film communicates the true story of an historical struggle for freedom that has direct impact on the struggle for liberty in our day.

If we fail to learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it. No film in the history of movie making has addressed this truth with more timeliness, urgency, and poignant accuracy than Darin Southam's Reign of Judges Title of Liberty.

This film speaks to you no matter where you live or what you believe. Your prayers are needed for this endeavor to succeed. Please pray not only for Darin Southam, writer, actor, director, and producer of the film, but also pray for all who labor to bring this epic freedom movement into full bloom.

This is more than just a film. Everyone involved needs your prayers and faith. From the lowliest janitor in the studio to the people doing the set work and camera work and sound mixing, to the post production team members and computer techs to the executives and theater managers and ticket sales clerks, each and every one of them needs your prayers.

May each individual who has anything whatsoever to do with this movement be touched, pierced to the core, by the Holy Spirit of God. Be drawn to learn the full truth behind what is portrayed in this production.

Thank you for your prayerful support, and for sharing this message with all your friends and neighbors and coworkers. May God bless and preserve each and every one of you!

P.S. Please also watch Darin Southam's moving five-minute video in which he shares my email regarding this project.

Darin Southam leads freedom movement with Title of Liberty.

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Darin Southam Leads Freedom Movement with Title of Liberty

"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven."
(Matthew 5:16 and 3 Nephi 12:16)

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Get to know Darin Southam through his work.

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Reign of Judges Title of Liberty, Movie of all movies about America by Darin Southam

Announcing new epic film by Darin Southam, writer, director, producer.

Have you ever heard of a producer of a major motion picture posting a significant portion of the script of an upcoming movie for free to the entire world? Well, now you have. In what is likely a first in the history of blockbuster caliber film making, there is a movie that carries a message so timely and so imperative that it simply must be shared by any and all means, even by making a portion of the script available to the public for free.

Posting the script online for everyone to read and share is an ingenious idea that will drive this movie to the big screen. It's about time! I have been waiting for a quality, Hollywood caliber movie about this historical event for decades. A visionary producer, Darin Southam, has finally tapped the best kept secret in story writing and film making.

Read and share the first seventeen pages of the script of Reign of Judges Title of Liberty at

Please catch the vision of Producer Darin Southam and share the following links and videos via every social media available to you. This story must be told. The world is thirsting for this production.

Producer's personal message video and real time Facebook activity. Become part of this historic undertaking! Generations will thank you! Spread the word.

Direct link:*s

How to more effectively utilize Facebook to make this message go viral:

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Please watch and share the following 30-minute interview with producer Darin Southam.

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Regarding the rating of this movie, whether to make it PG, PG-13, or R, there has been some discussion and a significant amount of preachy squeamishness coming from potential viewers who expect this movie to be a sanitized, low key, toned down depiction of a critical struggle for liberty. I would like to share my personal feelings on the matter, and then quote the production staff's response. I support their decision.

Ilyan (that's me):
"STOP Squawking! Read the Book of Mormon again. Visualize what you read! Liken the scriptures unto yourself. The Book of Mormon is rated-R, and this movie had better be rated-R, or at the very least a strong PG-13! It does not have swearing and gratuitous sex. It has war and bloodshed and political conspiracies, and that aspect of it it should be portrayed as realistically and accurately as if you were present at the time it happened, or you will not get the effect and the message of what Moroni and his men were facing, and the strength the Lord gave them to survive. Like life, you don't get to experience only the sweet and serene. You must taste the bitter as well, or it's not life, and you get nothing from it. This is NOT meant to be some diluted Sunday school production. It's the real thing. Close your eyes and cover your ears if you can't handle the fact that warriors bleed when they get hacked apart by swords and axes. Thank the Lord for those righteous warriors who endured and did just that so that we could be free and have The Book of Mormon!!!"

Production staff:
"We concur Ilyan! There's been enough watered down versions of these stories... we dishonor their souls by not telling the story the way they wrote it to us; the way they painstakingly carved their perfectly chosen words onto perpetual sheets of metal, that we might read and know them today, in OUR TIME. This movie will not be R but it will be PG-13. Anything less would be a lie. The TRUTH must be told about what happened. Those who are unprepared to know the truth must prepare speedily, for the truth of their stories are what we are about to experience ourselves, in every detail. This movie will help prepare the world for the tribulations to come before our mighty God returns with all the glory of Heaven."

I could not have said it better myself. In fact, I insist on reiterating several points from the producers, and I do so with all the energy of my soul, pleading to God to give me, and them, power unto the convincing of men of the truth.

"There have been enough watered down versions of these stories."

"We dishonor their souls by not telling the story the way they wrote it to us."

"Anything less would be a lie."

"Those who are unprepared to know the truth must prepare speedily, for the truth of their stories are what we are about to experience ourselves, in every detail."

"This movie will help prepare the world for the tribulations to come before our mighty God returns with all the glory of Heaven."

Thank you, and God bless you. And God bless America!

Reign of Judges Title of Liberty movie from producer Darin Southam photo reign-of-judges-title-of-liberty-darin-southam_zps7802dfaf.jpg

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Earth-like planets being discovered in droves

Current Potentially Habitable Exoplanets photo current-potentialy-habitable-exo-planets-580x333-72dpi_zps65d43679.jpg

Why are we suddenly discovering droves of Earth-like planets, many of them orbiting in the habitable zones of their parent stars? Do such discoveries just testify that God exists and that there is no end to his creations, or is there more to it than that? Are they Telestial worlds being revealed to those who will inhabit them after the Final Judgement, given the fact that Telestial heirs will not inherit the earth?