Friday, January 23, 2015

Help Former CIA Agent Tim Ballard Rescue Child Sex Slaves

Operation Underground Railroad Tim Ballard Jump Team photo our-tim-ballard-jump-team-pic_zpsabdbe155-1.jpg

For those of you who, like me, have just recently heard about former CIA and Homeland Security Agent Tim Ballard
and his campaign to rescue child sex slaves in the USA and around the world, this is one way you can help. I hope and pray you will give this your earnest support.

If you are unable to help financially, please do all in your power to share this message and build an urgent, prayerful impetus to combat this increasingly proliferate and unspeakable form of corruption.

Join Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) and save children from sex slavery, child sex trafficking, and human trafficking of all types.

Look for movie The Abolitionists.

YouTube channel for The Abolitionists:

Worthy of Birth, Life, and Liberty.

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