Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lesbian Couple Defies Written Agreement and Sicks State of Kansas on Sperm Donor for Child Support

"Child Support Claim Rankles Sperm Donor to Lesbian Couple"

At first glance, it seems like a morbid injustice to sue this guy after getting his sperm for free, and signing an agreement absolving him of any and all parental responsibilities for the child. But then, what was this guy thinking, giving sperm to a lesbian couple?

If he was unaware of the fact that the child would be born to and raised by a pair of carpet munchers, then he has no fault in the matter. But, if he was aware, then he is as much a part of this most insidious form of protracted child abuse as every gay couple out there who entertains the thought of raising a child. What's worse is the fact that most people today completely fail to see how homosexual couples raising children, even in the most affluent and gentle conditions, is child abuse.

Remember a time when verbal abuse and emotional abuse of a child or a wife were not even considered forms of abuse? We are in a time where there is not even a name for the kind of abuse that places a child in the hands of gay couples. The child will grow up in a paradigm wherein the most foul and unnatural perversion seems normal.

Remember the scene in the recent Peter Jackson movie, The Hobbit, where the Dwarfs are fighting the Orcs in the belly of the mountain, and the Dwarfs are about to be destroyed, but the wizard, Gandalf, saves the day with a blinding flash of light and a shock wave that decimates the surrounding Orcs all at once? That is symbolic of what will happen to those who advocate and sympathize with gay and lesbian marriages. There must be a special place in Hell for such couples who attempt to bring children into their unholy and filthy unions.

We abort the helpless unborn by the tens of millions, but we can't take a bat to a fag in defense of virtue.

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