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La Vanway and Son Liberty Campaign - Letters to Elected Officials of the USA - Letter 2

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The following is a letter written by my Dad. He gave me permission to post it. I have added hyperlinks where I felt it appropriate. This was originally addressed specifically to Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon, but it is applicable to all elected officials of the United States of America. I encourage everyone to share it on every social media available to you.  


Dear Senator Merkley [and all elected officials],

The best and simplest measure against "gun violence," (rather than gun control, or population control, as you liberals like to disguise issues) and if you are sincere about "digging" into the issue, is just this: re-instate capital punishment laws across the nation for murder, and establish capital punishment for the crimes of child sexual abuse, rape of any person, and false witness in capital offense crimes.

Deranged persons will think twice before acting; it will certainly cut down on the incidents requiring punishment.

Democrats and liberals haven’t, and in the future, will not go for the idea; they want immunity from punishment for such crimes they commit, and to keep their voter base numbers high.

Most criminals are of the liberal persuasion, and even vice-versa. No severe consequences for real CRIME from Democrats; only ridicule and persecution heaped upon law abiding citizens. I’ve had enough of this dung!

Punish the damned criminals; not law abiding citizens!

And don't keep trying to push through legislation that re-classifies law abiding people into "criminals"!!!

Don't keep letting criminals off the hook for their crimes just because you want another damnable vote!

Don't keep killing our babies by abortion, that's just another form of "legalized" mass murder.

Don't keep letting illegals into the country because you want another ill-informed ignorant voter!

Don't keep giving away my (and my neighbors') tax dollars to undeserving aliens, many of whom are thugs and fugitives from the law of their own country!

Don't continue to waste citizens' tax dollars on nations that aid and abet terrorists within our borders.

Keep our military strong to defend against foreign foes; our citizens will attend to our domestic ones in your liberal camp.

People with common sense recognize that is exactly the agenda you insane liberals (Democrat, RINO, or whatever) are pursuing to gain population control and governmental supremacy through excessive taxation as well as various other unconstitutional and illegal tactics.

Either ignorantly or deliberately, you chose, or do choose, to remain in the Democrat Party (it has become a refuge for Marxist, socialists, communists...every evil political persuasion), the liberal camp, you have opted for evil principles contrary to the Founders' vision for liberty among our people.

Choices and actions will run their course and consequences will be un-avoidable. Principles of good and evil have been tried again and again through the centuries; we know what works best for liberty and what destroys it.

It is pure insanity to continue deceiving citizens into thinking evil principles will work for the BENEFIT of mankind when they benefit only the tyrannical few who are pseudo intellectuals, and "progressive" liberals.

God gave men ten commandments, He later refined them to two.

Democrats, liberals, muddy the water with thousands of pages of laws and regulations thinking they can improve upon God's social plan for mankind.

You work to take God out of society and rhetorically "wonder" (to make yourselves appear compassionate) why there are mass murders and other evils committed among us. You despise the laws of nature and attempt to alter them by consensus.

You are fools.

You don't believe in God; or if you do, you have a false concept of who and what He is. Every thing you think or do appears to be false and leads to tragedy. Wise up!

Why don’t you stand on the side of right and truth for a change. Historically, that is where the noble few are found and eventually recognized and honored for their discernment and steadfastness.

Don’t think you will find eternal comfort among the miserable souls who congregate to warm themselves in the fires of Hell.

Magnitude of numbers will not justify evil or transmute lies into truth. Misery results from what you do, and what you do makes you who you are. Not someone I trust with my liberty or my nation’s security.

I’ve likely shouted into the wind, but perhaps some kindred patriot will hear!

Victor La Van Way

I hear, and I second that. Now there are two witnesses. Anyone else out there?
Ilyan Kei Lavanway

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