Friday, January 18, 2013

Obama Gun Control - Waking the Sleeping Giant

Remember what the Japanese said after they struck Pearl Harbor? Well, here we are 72 years later, and Obama opens a powder keg, literally, doing the same thing the Japanese did. He is waking the Sleeping Giant.

But this time, the Giant is being awakened by attacks from the inside. Attacks on the nation's right and capacity to defend herself against all enemies, including domestic oppression and enslavement by the federal government.

The feverish executive impetus on gun control, including plans to ban assault rifles, is backfiring. Let's make sure it backfires completely.

Keep the Giant wide awake and well armed. The more Obama and his thugs try to strip us of our second amendment rights to keep and bear arms, the more we are going to arm ourselves. At least, as a nation, we are doing one thing right.

Of course, there are those out there in the media claiming that the numbers of new NRA registrations and gun sales are grossly exaggerated or outright lies.

In the very act of being stripped of our arms, we are taking up arms to defend ourselves. The recent surge in gun sales and NRA registrations says a lot more than the guns themselves. It shows true American resolve to remain a free nation. It shows the federal powers that they will have a fight on their hands, the likes of which they have not anticipated, if they continue to erode our individual freedoms.

Federal gun control enforcers, you are on notice. At least two states, Wyoming and Texas, are drawing up plans to prosecute you on felony charges and incarcerate you if you set foot within state lines and attempt to enforce federal gun control laws. Let's hope and pray that all 50 states enact such measures promptly.

Many people who would otherwise never bother to own firearms are now jumping at the opportunity to do so, while such opportunity still exists. It is much easier to retain a weapon once you have procured it than to obtain one after it has been outlawed.

But, beware. It's not that easy. Canada has already been where we are going. If Obama has his way, and our gun registrations are compiled into a national database, it will lead to confiscation of not only your guns, but also your homes and your vehicles. Think I'm paranoid? Ask a Canadian.

Obama takes it a step further by planning to enlist doctors in the fight against Americans. Perhaps we can urge doctors to arm up and carry weapons at their facilities. Patients should feel safer knowing their doctors are willing to defend them when gunmen go from our schools to our doctors' offices. Think about it. The longer lines and packed waiting rooms resulting from Obamacare make juicy soft targets for murder suicide perpetrators.

A free people ought to be armed and disciplined - George Washington photo afreepeopleoughttobearmedanddisciplinedgeorgewashington_zps4a417081.jpg

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