Monday, March 26, 2012

Front Row Seats to History's Greatest Event

Giant alien mother ships cloaked in low Earth orbit. Multiple UFO sightings near major cities around the world. UFO sightings accompanying major natural disasters. You may have heard such rumors.

I have not personally witnessed or experienced anything to confirm such claims, but I cannot dismiss them either. I would be foolish to summarily reject the possibility and the likelihood of some truth behind these types of claims. And I’ll tell you why.

This earth is the seat of the atonement of Jesus Christ. The birth and the resurrection of Jesus Christ have been the quintessential events in the history of all of Heavenly Father’s creations, particularly among all of the worlds populated by his spirit offspring. In a few decades, perhaps in your lifetime or your children’s lifetime, nobody knows exactly when, Christ will return to this earth.

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ will be the event of all events. Surely, all of our Heavenly Father’s spirit offspring traversing their mortal probations on their assigned worlds have been eagerly awaiting the second advent of their savior, our savior, to this earth, the place where he completed his infinite atonement that has eternal efficacy for every son and daughter of God on every world he has created and populated.

You might take for granted the fact that you live on the same earth where Jesus Christ accomplished the infinite and eternal atonement. People on other worlds are not so likely to take for granted the fact that their very continuation through the eternities hinges upon the messianic events that transpire upon this earth.

Jesus Christ told Enoch that the inhabitants of this earth were more iniquitous than the inhabitants of any other planet inhabited by offspring of our Heavenly Father. It stands to reason that this earth is the seat of the atonement. Christ had to be born onto a world where the wickedness of its inhabitants was so severe that they would crucify their own savior.

To put it another way, the spirit children of our Heavenly Father who would end up being the most wicked of all his children had to be assigned to be born upon the same earth where Jesus Christ would be born, so that Christ could deliver himself into the hands of men evil enough to murder him. This was a necessary part of his atoning sacrifice. Heavenly Father, in his omniscient foreknowledge, knew which of his children would become wicked enough to crucify his only begotten son in the flesh.

He also knew from the beginning who among all of his children would remain valiant and prove themselves steadfast and faithful enough to carry the Gospel of his only begotten son to all the ends of this earth, at all cost and against all odds, to enable any remnants of the pure in heart to be gathered out from among the wicked before the final day of judgment. Which are you?

Christ is about to return to the seat of his atonement. His return in the fullness of his glory will usher in a new chapter in history, everywhere. The inhabitants of countless other worlds want front row seats to the big event when it goes down. But, they won’t all fit into low Earth orbit. Nor do they know exactly when the event will commence.

So, it is reasonable to suggest that many, if not all of our Heavenly Father’s children on all of the worlds they inhabit, have sent representatives, prophets if you will, to be in position to witness first hand and report to their peoples the return of Christ to the earth upon which he atoned for their sins and secured their redemption and their resurrection.

Our earth. Right here. Think about that. This is where it all happens. And you get to live here and be a part of it. The inhabitants of other worlds do not know any more than we know the exact timing of Christ’s return to this earth. However, just as we have prophets warning us that he will return soon, other worlds have prophets telling their peoples of Christ’s Second Advent to the seat of the atonement. It’s a big deal. It defies description. Any impetus I can offer here is a gross understatement at best.

So, when you hear about or witness armadas of large alien mother ships or UFOs flying around major cities and natural disasters, use a little logic in light of the broader, eternal perspective. Extraterrestrials are not here to destroy us or invade us. Nor are they here to enslave us or harvest us or experiment on us or hybridize us. Lucifer and his followers are playing that game.

If aliens really wanted to do any of those things to us, they would have already done it. They are not here for that. They are here to witness the return of their savior to the planet that is his footstool, the earth upon which he atoned for all of his Father’s children.

I find it ironic that the inhabitants of worlds so far removed from us that we cannot yet empirically prove their existence would take a greater interest in the return of Jesus Christ to our lowly earth than we ourselves do. And we live here. They want front row seats to the greatest event in the history of God’s creations. We already have box seats, and we take that for granted. Better yet, we’re actually participating on the playing field, right where the action is. Feel blessed?

As a side note, have you ever wondered about the symbolism of those found on the right hand of Christ and those found on his left hand in the final judgment? Could he be dropping us a hint about the mindsets with which we align ourselves during these last days leading up to his return? Look at what is going on in our world. There is right and wrong, and there is right and left, but right is always right, so what does that make left?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Alien Abductions are Misnomers

Aliens exist. Of this fact there should be no doubt. Not only does it make sense that they exist, but prophets and apostles of Jesus Christ have revealed that they exist. Of particular interest to me are the human beings indigenous to other habitable planets similar to our earth. These people are begotten sons and daughters of the same Celestial Father who begat us.

Not only do I have a personal conviction of the truth of the scriptures regarding the existence of people indigenous to other earth-like planets, but I have had at least one personal dream that, all by itself, convinces me of this fact even without the additional testimonies of the prophets. I have recorded that dream in my personal journal. I have also included an account of it in my book, Earth Sink, from the last paragraph of page 113 through the end of page 121.

Yes, the book Earth Sink is a fictional dramatization of latter-day events on Earth, but the accounts of my dreams included in the book are not fictional. I recorded them as accurately as I could recall them.

Furthermore, I have had experiences that convince me that events most people consider to be alien abductions are nothing of the sort. Such phenomena are far more sinister, and the perpetrators are not alien at all, but are indigenous to this earth. They have pertained to this earth since our human family was assigned to it while it was still in the planning stages of its creation.

A dramatized representation of this concept is expressed in a movie titled The Fourth Kind. Though I had nothing whatsoever to do with the production of that movie, it is the best illustration I have ever seen regarding the notion that aliens are not the ones abducting people, nor have they ever been. I highly recommend the movie The Fourth Kind to anyone even remotely interested in this subject matter.

Lucifer and the one third who allied themselves with him in the great pre-mortal war are the ones orchestrating these unspeakable abductions. Not only am I telling you who I think are behind so called alien abductions, but I will tell you why I think they are doing it and have been doing it about as long as mortal man has been on the earth. From here on, I will refer to so called alien abductions as satanic or demonic abductions, because that is exactly what I think they are.

Why do Lucifer and his legions want to abduct people? Simple. They want bodies. They can’t have bodies. They lost that right when they opted out of God’s plan before this earth was created. They had nothing whatsoever to do with the creation of this earth, or any other world. They are not creators, but are destroyers, embittered vessels of wrath, literally hell bent on the utter decimation of everything and everyone, including me and you. Some will pose as altruistic entities, such as Abraham-Hicks, but their intentions are anything but altruistic. Such posers are a different subject for a different article.

Having forever lost the right to be born into physical bodies, these demonic spirits want to circumvent their curse and create bodies for themselves. They know that their Celestial Father, who is our God, and his son, Jesus Christ, formed a physical body for Adam out of the elements of the earth and then put Adam’s spirit into that body so that Adam became the first living human being to inhabit this earth.

They also know that God the Father and his son Jesus Christ caused a deep sleep to come upon Adam. Now this is the part that really got Lucifer’s attention. While Adam slept, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ extracted what was most likely DNA material, represented by the rib taken from Adam’s side as spoken of in the scriptures. Using the elements of the earth and the DNA material taken from Adam’s body, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ formed a body for Eve, and then put Eve’s spirit into her body so that she became the second living human being to inhabit this earth. It should go without saying that Adam and Eve, and subsequently all of us, are created in the image of our heavenly parents, male and female.

Knowing that there is a process by which physical human bodies can be created by combining DNA from a live human subject with organic materials available on the earth, Lucifer and his minions are desperate to duplicate that process for themselves before their time on Earth runs out. Their ongoing efforts to master this process have failed, and will always fail, for the simple reason that they do not have the keys of the priesthood required to effect such an operation.

But that does not stop them from trying. They will hybridize iteration after iteration, trying every conceivable combination to get results as closely resembling human bodies as they can, at all cost.

Lucifer and his followers discovered early on in their exile to earth that they could easily posses and manipulate reptilian creatures indigenous to Earth. Lucifer first approached Adam and Eve after having embodied himself in the reptilian flesh of some bipedal species of serpent that apparently walked upright. Scriptural accounts reveal this.

We can deduce that reptilian life forms must have been the most practical embodiments to possess, because Lucifer was eventually cursed in his serpent embodiment to go upon his belly and eat the dust of the earth all his life. If higher life forms would have been as easily possessed and controlled as reptilian life forms, then surely Lucifer would have exited the cursed body of the serpent and possessed a new host that would have enabled him to walk upright immediately. But he did not, could not. 

Higher life forms having greater intelligence than reptilians would require far more effort to possess or control. Such life forms would resist, at least initially. One case that occurred between the years AD 30 and AD 33 illustrates this. A group of spirits that followed Lucifer had possessed two men. These demons were numerous. They were cast out of the two men by Christ himself and were allowed to possess an entire herd of pigs. The pigs immediately ran to the sea and drowned themselves.

It is reasonable to suggest that since Adam had walked and talked with God, Adam must have had a profound understanding of genetics, among other things. Likely, so did Lucifer.

I believe Lucifer began applying genetic engineering to create for himself and his followers reptilian bipedal bodies with fingers and opposing thumbs. Reptilian life being more easily manipulated than higher life forms made this a likely scenario, and a possible workaround for Lucifer’s curse of having to go through the serpent’s life on its belly.

Another possibility could be in play here, too. The scriptures specifically mention that Lucifer, as a serpent, was cursed to go upon his belly. However, the scriptures do not specifically indicate that the spirits who followed Lucifer were so cursed. It is possible that Lucifer continued to direct affairs from his cursed, belly crawling embodiment, while his minions carried out his work, still able to possess or control some type of bipedal reptilian species.

Reptilian life can subsist for prolonged periods of time on relatively little food. Reptilians generate little or no metabolic heat. These traits could be useful in maintaining a stealth profile while carrying out lengthy research and experimentation without being interrupted by the need to feed frequently.

All of this contributes to at least part of an explanation for the many descriptions of so called aliens having strange, reptile-like bodies. Such descriptions seem to be a common denominator in virtually every account of abductees who claim to have any recollection of their ordeals.

Another common denominator in almost every account of abductees who have any recall is that they were subjected to medical or psychological probing and experimentation by merciless, emotionless beings.

People claiming to have survived these types of encounters have coined the term “grays” in reference to the so called gray aliens that apparently carry out these horrific abductions and operations. It is my opinion that these gray beings do indeed exist, but they are not aliens. They are not extraterrestrials. They are satanic, demonic, reptilian beings possessed and manipulated by Lucifer and the spirits that followed him, all of whom were cast out of our pre-mortal Celestial environment, which was the place of our nativity as spirit children to our heavenly parents.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

It Makes Perfect Sense

IKL Spectrum of Extraterrestrial Technological Development, The Ilyan Kei Lavanway Spectrum of Extraterrestrial Technological Advancement (IKL Spectrum) is a subjective comparison of possible alien technological development to our current level of technology. See the article titled It Makes Perfect Sense on my blog at for a detailed explanation. I created this image in Photoshop, 72 dpi resolution, text effects turned off.

It makes perfect sense to search for intelligent life, even human beings indigenous to other planets. It is absurd to think we are the only ones. Considering the infinite volume of space and the infinite expanse of time, we really have not searched much at all.

Allow me to present what I call the Ilyan Kei Lavanway Spectrum of Extraterrestrial Technological Development, IKL Spectrum for short. The IKL Spectrum compares various levels of alien technology to our current level of technological development. This says nothing about alien social structures, alien cultures, alien ideologies, alien philosophies, or alien religions. Such topics are beyond the scope of this article, though not beyond the scope of this website. Perhaps we’ll address those topics later.

The zero point on the IKL Spectrum is the center of the spectrum and represents our current level of technological development. The negative direction, extending toward the left of the page, represents levels of alien technologies less advanced than ours. The positive direction, extending toward the right of the page, represents levels of alien technologies more advanced than ours.

Let’s arbitrarily label five general levels of extraterrestrial technological development relative to ours as follows: Alien technologies far less advanced than ours will be categorized as negative two on the IKL Spectrum. Those slightly less advanced than ours will be classed as negative one. Technologies equal to our current level of development will comprise category zero. Extraterrestrial technologies slightly more advanced than ours will fall into category one, and those far more advanced will be considered category two.

Now, let’s consider another factor. Apples and oranges. You cannot adequately compare the two, because they are entirely different in their make up and properties and traits. You might subjectively compare levels of ripeness on a common spectrum, but that is as much comparison as you can push. Keep that in mind when we talk about comparing alien technological development to our own.

Category zero on the IKL Spectrum, meaning alien technology that has achieved the same level of advancement as ours, may be so vastly different in its paradigm that we would have nothing with which to compare it, nor would we be able to detect it. It would be somewhat like trying to search for hydrocarbon emissions to identify an alien infrastructure that is based solely on electricity or light or magnetism.

Discussing levels of technological development among intelligent alien civilizations is completely different than addressing the basis or the type of their technology. Aliens driving electric cars similar in complexity to our electric cars would never be detected if we were looking for hydrocarbon emissions. Just because we depend on fossil fuels does not mean they do. This is just an analogy to illustrate one possible reason why, after decades of SETI operations, we have no conclusive, empirical evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence.

We may be looking at all the wrong indicators. We are only capable of observing and applying a narrow band of the infinite electromagnetic spectrum. We assume intelligent extraterrestrial life is using the electromagnetic spectrum for observation and communication, just like we do. And we assume intelligent extraterrestrial beings use frequencies and amplitudes that are detectable by our instruments.

There is an infinite spectrum of technological development among intelligent societies and civilizations. I call it the IKL Spectrum, as defined above. Any given extraterrestrial civilization could be at any level of development along the IKL Spectrum. Some are more advanced than us. Some are less advanced than us. Some are more or less on par with us.

Some, probably most, use a paradigm of technology so vastly different from our own that even with a level of development comparable to ours, their type of technology is so different, we cannot recognize it. Quite possibly, some extraterrestrials cannot recognize our type of technology for similar reasons.

Again, it would be like comparing apples and oranges of equal ripeness. The level of ripeness may be the same, but apples simply cannot be compared to oranges, because they are so vastly different.

Extraterrestrials far less advanced than us are probably not generating any artificial signals at any wavelength or signal strength. Extraterrestrials far more advanced than us likely observe and communicate by methods involving quantum mechanics, allowing instantaneous transmission, reception, and processing of data, completely independent of the electromagnetic spectrum, bypassing it altogether. Thus, in either case, we cannot yet detect extraterrestrial intelligence.

Extraterrestrials slightly more advanced than us may be using ranges of the spectrum that are not detectable to us. Perhaps they use sub-radio frequencies for some things and super-gamma ranges for other things.

Extraterrestrials that are somewhat on par with our level of technology may use similar wavelengths in the spectrum but use signal strengths far below what we can discern with our current instruments. It may be analogous to whispering in an old man's ear. His brain can process the wavelengths generated by your vocal cords, but the volume is so low, he cannot hear it. As far as he knows, there is no sound to process. It doesn't mean isn't there. It just means he can't hear it.

Just because we use a narrow, little portion of the infinite electromagnetic spectrum, and our entire technology revolves around hydrocarbon combustion and semiconductor electronics and sub-luminal movement of matter doesn't mean everyone else out there is stuck in the same rut.