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New Teaser Reign of Judges Title of Liberty

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Making the case for the epic Reign of Judges Title of Liberty

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You know you are onto something good when your efforts come under attack from adversarial influences. There is already opposition to the epic movie and freedom movement, Reign of Judges Title of Liberty. Necessarily, there is opposition in all things. Nothing of great worth is accomplished without becoming a target of the nay-sayers, the misguided, and the downright obdurate.

So, to encourage those of you out there who will appreciate this film, its message, and the source from whence it came, I offer the following thoughts in response to anarchist and pacifist arguments I have encountered in cyberbia.

America exists today, and you are free today to oppose, criticize, belittle, and be heard, because countless soldiers fought vigorously to secure the Constitution and the independence of the United States of America.

What would have happened if the Patriots of 1776 had taken a pacifist stance and decided it would be better not to participate in any Revolutionary War?

Where would you and I be today if our Founding Fathers had taken an anarchist stance and decided not to establish the Constitution.

What kind of life would you and I have today if America had decided not to fight the Japanese and the Nazis in the 1940s?

The movie Reign of Judges Title of Liberty illustrates in a visual medium a portion of what the Book of Mormon addresses regarding preserving liberty against forces not only external to, but internal to a republic that was established under divine direction. It is precisely applicable to what is happening in America today, and in a broader sense to the world as a whole.

Aside from its literal relevance to physical threats to liberty, the film and the Book of Mormon carry dual relevance to the spiritual battle being waged against liberty. And no, this film is not just for Mormons. It is for the entire world. In fact, it is intended more for the world than it is for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Wherever you live, and whatever you believe, this film will touch your soul and engage your attention like no other film has ever done.

Now, what about those pacifists out there who argue that we should never go to war for any reason, not even to defend ourselves. After all, isn't that how the people of Ammon handled the threat to their liberty and their lives? Didn't they literally lie down on the ground and let their enemies butcher them and hack them to pieces rather than take up arms against their brethren? So, isn't that what we should do as well? Shouldn't someone be making a movie about the people of Ammon rather than one about Captain Moroni?

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Good question. Here is my answer. Yes, there does need to be a movie made about the people of Ammon, and surely there will be, in due time. However, it must be understood, and it should be portrayed in such a movie, that the people Ammon were once a bloodthirsty and murderous people who were miraculously converted to Christ through the missionary efforts of Ammon. As part of their repentance, they chose to bury their weapons and make an oath before God that they would never again fight, even in self defense.

The people of Ammon were once Lamanites and bitter enemies of the Nephites. Following the conversion of the people of Ammon, it was no longer safe for them to remain among the Lamanites, so they were graciously given land by the Nephites, who were willing to fight on their behalf against their brethren, the Lamanites. The Lamanites were bent on destroying the people of Ammon, in large part because the people of Ammon had converted to Christianity, which was the faith of the Nephites.

While the people of Ammon had vowed never to shed blood again, they understood the plight of their Nephite allies. The people of Ammon willingly and voluntarily supported the Nephite armies with food and supplies.

The Lamanite threat intensified. As the people of Ammon came under direct attack, they chose to lie down on the ground and suffer themselves to be brutally slain, as they had many times slain others without cause. After their conversion, they would rather be slain without resisting than to risk returning their hearts to their bloodthirsty ways.

Enter Helaman's two-thousand stripling warriors. These were the sons of the people of Ammon. These sons had been raised after the conversion of their once murderous fathers. These sons had never tainted their souls with murderous plunderings as their fathers had done. Therefore, these two-thousand sons, seeing their now penitent fathers on the verge of utter extinction, chose to go to war in defense of their fathers, and in defense of the people of Ammon as a whole. They also sought to help the Nephites who were fighting to preserve the people of Ammon.

These sons were perfectly justified in going to war, and they fought most violently and valiantly, demonstrating perfect faith in God and exercising impeccable precision in carrying out the inspired orders of Helaman, their Nephite commander. And, in their particular case, God preserved every last one of them, just as he had promised.

The miraculous preservation of these two-thousand young men who were probably in their teens, and definitely had never before seen battle, testifies that they were justified before God in going to war on behalf of their fathers and their families, and their allies, the Nephites.

A present day parallel to this might come to pass if there were to be a group of Muslim extremists who miraculously convert to Christ and are so deeply repentant of their murderous practices that they are willing to be slaughtered, as they have slaughtered, rather than take up arms again. Perhaps they will then raise righteous sons who choose to fight with perfect faith in Christ, and who may be miraculously delivered while preserving their contrite fathers and families against the inevitable attacks directed at them by their extremist brethren who will not tolerate their conversion to Christianity.

The Book of Mormon was written for our day, and our day is not yet over. We have yet to see the unfolding of miracles unlike anything we have heretofore witnessed in the affairs of the peoples of the world.

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