Friday, January 11, 2013

Loose Change Final Cut and The Fall of The Republic - 911 Raises Questions for Obama

As of the date of this post, each of the two most recent presidential administrations have had their own 9-11 events. These events were spaced exactly 11 years apart.

Each of the following documentary videos is a telling work that exposes a deep-rooted and ongoing conspiracy. Notice I said conspiracy, singular, not conspiracies, plural.

Watch these videos back to back and get a broad new view of what has been and still is going on right under our noses. These videos, though created independently of each other, have an uncanny synergy when viewed together.

One glaring question for the Obama Administration: If you want to blame and discredit President George W. Bush for all the problems you face, including the ones you have created, why are you not pursuing a massive and independent investigation into the 9-11 atrocities?

You cannot claim that to do so would divulge too much classified information. You have already volunteered more classified information to the public and to America's enemies abroad than any other individual to reside in the White House. You go to far greater lengths to conceal your own history than to reveal Bush's role in the most infamous day since Pearl Harbor 60 years prior.

You are keen on creating media distractions to divert our attention away from any information that would expose you, yet you conveniently ignore the biggest diversion available to you: getting to the bottom of the previous administration's clandestine mission to bring to pass the 9-11 catastrophe.

But wait. Of course. Uncovering the truth about 9-11 would also implicate you and your administration as well as the Clinton administration (any thoughts on the real reason you made Hilary Clinton Secretary of State), because the conspiracy reaches back decades.

Worse yet, it reaches forward decades more. And you play a key role in the entire transformation of America from a sovereign superpower to a cog in the New World Order that Bush Senior talked about. Yeah, the same NWO you and your United Nations thug buddies are bringing about. The same one world government and global domination that have been the primary objective of secret combinations since time immemorial.

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