Tuesday, January 29, 2013

.223 Day of Resistance February 23, 2013

2nd Amendment Day of Resistance - Tea Party .223 - February 23, 2013 photo dayofresistanceteaparty223february232013_zpse26fdb69.jpg

Find times and locations for .223 Day of Resistance Rallies in your area at http://www.dayofresistance.com/rally/

Join or organize a rally in your local community. Learn more here: http://www.dayofresistance.com/

2nd Amendment - Purpose of the Second Amendment - ParkerCountyBlog.com photo 2ndAmendment-PurposeoftheSecondAmendment-ParkerCountyBlogcom_zps483171f0.jpg

Image from ParkerCountyBlog.com at http://parkercountyblog.com/2013/01/16/the-purpose-of-the-second-amendment/

By standing up for your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, you are also defending your First Amendment rights. Defend the Constitution for those who are unable to do so. Protect those who are unable to do so from those who are unwilling to do so.

good first step to fixing america - prosecute politicians who violate oath photo goodfirststeptofixingamericaprosecutepoliticianswhoviolateoath_zps252343a6.jpg

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