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Obama Hypocrisy Unfolds in Uganda Oil War Disguised as Stand Against LRA Christian Cult

Uganda Lake Albert Basin Oil Fields Map showing Tullow Oil Company Blocks, This map is featured in the Conspiracy Theories and Paranormal Phenomena blog article titled Obama Hypocrisy Unfolds in Uganda Oil War Disguised as Stand Against LRA Christian Cult, posted June 19, 2012 at the URL http://conspiracyparanormal.blogspot.com

Uganda Map, This map of Uganda is shown in the article titled Obama Hypocrisy Unfolds in Uganda Oil War Disguised as Stand Against LRA Christian Cult, posted June 19, 2012 on Conspiracy Theories and Paranormal Phenomena at URL http://conspiracyparanormal.blogspot.com

This article is inspired by commenter Paul Cha, a true American who served his country and sees through Obama's lies. Paul brought this news to my attention, and I am thankful that he did. See Paul's comments on The Modern Day Gadianton Golden Boy.

Many accuse President George W. Bush of going to war over oil. Obama has done the same thing.

On top of committing direct and ongoing economic terrorism against America and indirectly against the entire global financial system that is significantly shackled by the Obama-fueled American debt crisis, Barack Hussein Obama has initiated a secret war to stake claim on oil in the African nation of Uganda. Sooner or later, corrupt secrets come out of the closet.

Liberals are quick to accuse Bush of going to war over oil in Iraq and Afghanistan under the guise of fighting terrorism, yet they say nothing when Obama goes to war for oil in Uganda under the guise of quelling human rights violations committed by an extremist Christian cult militia, the Lord’s Resistance Army, LRA, and ringleader Joseph Kony.

Obviously, Obama had no plans to keep his 2008 campaign promises to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and bring our troops home in, what was it, 16 months. Obama never intended to win the wars. He simply touted promises to end them.

Obama never emphasized bringing our troops home victorious. He does not want American victory. He wants his own political expediency. So, he adds his own little war in Uganda that few have heard about until recently. The timing of this war conveniently follows the discovery of a major oil reserve in Northern Uganda's Lake Albert basin.

All the while, Obama wantonly abandons America's once fundamental practice of striving to maintain sufficient military strength to simultaneously engage two major regional contingencies, MRCs. America is not presently capable of effectively waging war in more than one theater. Our enemies know it. China and Iran are counting on it. So is North Korea. So is Obama.

A side note bears mentioning. The Obama war in Uganda sheds light on Christian extremism, not Islamic extremism. It is well known that Obama opposes Christianity and embraces Islam. The collateral effects of a conflict that steers negative attention away from Muslim extremists and incites outcry against Christian extremists conveniently serves the Obama agenda. I am not advocating extremism in any religion or culture. I am simply making an observation.

More insidiously, Obama’s mobilization against a Christian cult, whatever the reasons, may demonstrate to his Muslim brothers that he is willing to wage actual war against the Infidels. Shedding Christian blood, he hopes, will garner Muslim support and at the same time remain cloaked from Christian scrutiny since, first, not many people even know about this, and second, no true Christian would advocate allowing LRA cult atrocities to continue. When good Christians hear of Obama’s apparent stand against the LRA cult in Uganda, they will be tempted to revere Obama and guzzle more of his Kool-Aid rather than look deeper into his satanic motives.

For more background on the Lake Albert, Uganda oil conflict, read the November 8, 2011 AlterNet.org article by Steve Horn titled Has Obama Just Kicked Off Another Oil War -- This Time in Africa?

This article gives great background information on the roles of Blackwater, now called Xe Services, and other private military corporations, or PMCs. The article educates readers on the function of a production sharing agreement, PSA, and the unusual nature of the PSA drawn up between the Ugandan government and a British company, Tullow Oil, and a Canadian company, Heritage Oil, back in October of 2006.

Suspiciously, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni created an Oil Wells Protection Unit, OWPU as his own mercenary force to police the petroleum resources and activities around Lake Albert. Museveni’s OWPU conspicuously lacks a defined chain of command and operations policies. This deliberate vagueness unleashes the OWPU for any number of ulterior missions that could be executed with no accountability. Sounds like Obama.

October 14, 2011, Obama announced a deployment of 100 Joint Special Operations Command, JSOC troops to Uganda. The mission, on paper anyway, is to remove LRA leader Joseph Kony from the arena. Not that doing so makes anything better, given that Yoweri Museveni is just as bad as Joseph Kony.

At the end of the day, Obama is only seeking to advance his own brand of dictatorship in the once free West while posturing himself for a pinnacle seat in the impending New World Order. Why else would he have been so interested in reading The Post American World?

On the playground of world politics, one bully allied with another bully to knock down a third bully is still a massive Charlie Foxtrot in which impoverished kids are the ones getting screwed, both figuratively and literally.

Obama is exploiting the ambiguity surrounding Museveni and the PSA and the OWPU. I would not be surprised if news comes out that Obama was involved in setting up the whole scenario from the start. It has the Obama signature modus operandi all over it.

Almost a year later, in spite of Obama preaching transparency in government, we still have no results disclosed.

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