Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Modern Day Gadianton Golden Boy copyright © 2008 Ilyan Kei Lavanway

Modern Day Gadianton Golden Boy, This image of the all seeing eye represents the Illuminati and the secret practices of evil underway in the last days. Obama is a key player in the diabolical plot of these secret combinations, these modern day Gadianton robbers. Wake up, America.

The bulk of this narrative short story was composed in 2008 as a futuristic vision and remains largely unedited as presented here. Minor updates were added in 2012 to include reference to Birthers and Preppers and an alias, Harrison J. Bounel, uncovered in March, 2011. Barring sweeping cover-ups, information blackouts, and altered historical records, by 2016, you should find a preponderance of evidence to suggest this short story is more fact than fiction. This work reflects events of the recent past, blatantly exposes actual corruption, and warns you of events and conditions likely to manifest in the near future. It is a strongly biased and boldly unrestrained political thriller. It is intended to scare you.

It is intended to wake you up to the fact that your individual freedoms are being directly threatened and unabashedly extinguished as you read this, and mark my words, you will be personally affected by those now in public office. It is intended to inspire you to do something to preserve and restore the freedoms once upheld by the Constitution of the United States of America, and instill within you a sense of individual responsibility, if such is remotely possible.

If you remain among those who actively persist in proliferating the deceptions, corruptions, and tyrannies that erode individual rights and attack personal values, then you are ripe for the destructions spoken of by prophets both ancient and modern. The following narrative is intended to leave individual citizens without excuse if they insist on knowingly electing and supporting public officials who harbor deceptive agendas, relish covert power, and seek fame at the cost of innocence. Notice, I did not mention money. They already have plenty of yours.

Without further adieu, here it is.

A radical, leftwing, Islamic terrorist, having been groomed by rich, powerful, influential, and radical associates for a singular purpose infiltrates American politics and rises rapidly to power out of obscurity. After gaining a seat in the Illinois State Senate, he runs for and, by intricately orchestrated voter fraud, is elected president of the United States. His ascent to high executive office is heralded as a miracle, and though completely unvetted, he is practically worshipped by his supporters, not only in America, but around the world. No one remains neutral.

His presence on the political landscape generates a heated division and has a polarizing effect on all communities, domestic and foreign, drawing cheers of adoration and the fervor of blind discipleship from his followers, while simultaneously provoking fierce resolve and sober preparations among his opposition. New terms are coined among the general population, namely Birthers and Preppers.

Birthers are those who expose his ineligibility to legally occupy the White House based on the fact that he was never a United States citizen and is therefore not only an ineligible presidential candidate, but also an illegal alien. Preppers are survivalists. They see the writing on the wall. They read between the lines. They believe prophetic warnings about exactly the scenario they see unfolding as this diabolical despot unleashes a wave of deception that places him on par with Satan himself. Indeed, the two camps in this conflict much resemble the two camps pitted against each other in the great ante-mortal war that took place before the creation of this earth. The war where you fought for your very right to be born.

The infamous 9-11 was a cakewalk. As soon as this despot is elected, he begins appointing extreme leftwing officials into his cabinet positions. He appoints radical leftwing judges to the Supreme Court. He instigates domestic and international crises as covers for his secret plots to ruin or assassinate anyone occupying positions of influence he feels may effectively oppose him or expose him, now or in the future. He replaces them with his own cronies. He further operates behind these crises, astutely applying deceptive practices to position himself as a popular world leader and founder of a new world order in which he seeks sole authority to rule at his own whim, getting all others to do his bidding.

He has been directly involved in deliberately orchestrating crises to be executed on a specific timeline commencing more than two decades prior to his presidential election. In order to facilitate these crises, he has sought out and surrounded himself with only the most extreme and depraved individuals he could find. He has no normal friends. In fact, he has no friends at all. He only has colleagues and associates who seek a synergistic alliance with him, clamoring to ride his coat tails to the coveted positions of power and fame they believe he can deliver, as they see in him some mysteriously formidable potential.

Interestingly, his associates and colleagues also detect in him an addictive egomania, craving worship, praise, and power over everything within his grasp. They discern that his mind, though brilliant, even genius as pertaining to the influencing of people and the organizing of groups of any size and demographic, is also an astonishingly weak mind, devoid of substance, integrity, and the kind of deep-rooted convictions that give most normal individuals a sense of morality and a conscience. His distinct lack of such attributes leaves him vulnerable to the things he covets most and easily manipulated by those who are able and willing to help him achieve what he wants.

As long as he sees himself as the one coming out ahead and on top in every situation, he is perfectly willing to blindly and falsely promise whatever it takes to get people to do what he wants them to do. He has no real talent other than the art of deception and the ability to lie and flatter with hypnotic effectiveness.

He presents himself to the public as a peaceful agent of change. He is a surprisingly gifted orator, considering the fact that he has accomplished absolutely nothing of value in his entire life. He appears to offer his strategically hand picked colleagues and associates and wealthy benefactors the pathway to the power and influence and recognition they seek, providing them that synergistic alliance. To those of lesser station, he simply flatters, manipulates with lies, uses, and then discards unrewarded. To those who so much as appear to ask a question that could put him in what he thinks is a bad light, he intimidates, threatens, coerces, or terminates.

Of course, he is a coward, so he never does anything openly distasteful himself. He cleverly avoids directly authorizing actions of ill repute in any way that could be construed by the public as having been initiated by him. He gets his cronies to do his dirty work and take the heat for any unpopular decisions he makes, always careful to leave no obvious path of blame or discriminating evidence that could lead back to him.

Someone else is always set up to take the fall if anything goes wrong or gets exposed or is even rumored to cast him in a questionable light. It’s always someone else’s fault. He has a pathological unwillingness to admit to any mistake, misjudgment, or wrongdoing. He also has a pathological ability to twist the truth and skew the facts and spin the topic to shed light on some other issue and deflect the scrutiny away from him. He is a complete and total fraud to the very core of his soul, willing to do and say anything to get power and to bask in the praise of the world.

He is as stupid as he is brilliant. He does not recognize, and would not care if he could recognize the fact that while he entertains the notion that he chose his associates and colleagues by his own cunning, they in fact have recruited him, hand-picking him as their ride to greater power on a global scale while cleverly masking their intent by casting him in the limelight.

They are all at least two decades older than him, and have been individually and in some cases collectively awaiting their messiah, the one that has been rumored among their secret societies as an organizer who will bring them together in a great cause in which they will be rewarded with seats of power over the whole earth, subduing all nations under their feet.

These secret combinations, modern day Gadianton robbers, pool their minds and resources behind the scenes, unknown to the public, to ensure this golden candidate’s rise to power not only transpires rapidly, but that his rise to power creates around him and them a shield of distraction such that he remains unvetted as his diabolical handlers usher him into high office as a glorious public spectacle. But, even behind that scene of what he sees as interactions within his own personal circle of elites, the highest echelons of those elites are setting him up to be their fall guy.

He is the one rising to power on their dime. He is the one in the limelight. He will be the one to take the heat and the blame if any associated secrets or hidden agendas are uncovered along the way, while their own names and involvements are conveniently suppressed and swept under the carpet by the media, drawing no more than a few superficial and fleeting comments, or remaining entirely unmentioned. Even if they were to be exposed as his financiers and puppeteers, the heat would still be on him, to tear him down, cut his strings.

He is one man. He is the one at the top, as far as the public eye can see. He is the one to whom the world looks. The upper echelons of world elites acting as his groomers and handlers figure, as the old cliché says, the higher he climbs, the harder he falls, and if he falls, the ensuing public chaos will serve as a shield of distraction for them, again masking them from accountability as they back away into their dens and their holes like the filthy rats they are.

He rises as an anti-Christ. He appears always as the heralded agent of change and world peace, but in fact he is evil, deceitful, degrading, depraved, bloodthirsty, vengeful, filled with hate and covetousness, embittered and scornful, taking offense at even the slightest hint of any dissenting opinion. He rules in tyranny the likes of which the world has never seen since man was on the earth. All the while, he plays the good guy, the savior, the beacon of hope, seeming to step in for the benefit of the whole, sacrificing the good of the few for the greater good of society, but never once sacrificing anything of his own.

He gives liberally from the coffers of those from whom he takes, but never a penny from his own pocket. The people blindly follow. The masses blindly believe in him, seeing him as the hope and the salvation of a troubled world, a world which, still unbeknownst to the public, is ransacked by the very chaos he deliberately creates. And whatever chaos he does not create, he exploits. Sound familiar?

He is known by various aliases, including Harrison J. Bounel, Barry Soetoro, Barack Hussein Obama, and my personal favorites, the Gadianton golden boy, and Lucifer’s fece.

copyright © 2008 Ilyan Kei Lavanway


  1. Wow, what a creative and brilliant post! So proud to have had you do a guest post for us! - Asheville

    1. Thank you for the kind words. Best regards. - Ilyan

  2. I am sorry but the stuff about Obama is just truly ridiculous. Its great to live in a country where free speech is protected and where opinions with out facts on many topics on this site can be displayed. Keep up the work. You guys are doing a wonderful job scaring people who don't know better.

    1. Whats' ridiculous? The conspiracy theories about Obama, or the suggestion that they're not theories?

      Lack of facts is part of the point. Obama cleverly tries to avoid facts. He remains the single most unvetted public figure in American history. He goes to such extensive lengths to hide his past that he makes it obvious he is hiding something. Yet half the nation still believes everything he says.

      Obama and his media do a wonderful job deceiving people who don't know better. I'm here to help expose his fraud, educate readers, offer perspective, and turn the tables on his lies. I'm here to preserve America and reclaim my country from the hands of the worst kind of insurgent we have ever encountered. And I have the courage to put my own name on my unpopular opinions.

      After the past three and a half years, people should know better than to trust anything Obama says. The idea that anyone still wants to vote for him is truly ridiculous.

      By the way, only the unpopular truth brings out reactions like yours. Thanks for lending credence to the story above.

  3. I happen to live in California, and everytime I try to tell anybody here about what Obama is doing, they always freak out and try to tell me how great he is. They don't know what we know, please keep up these posts sir. Did you know he just started another war in Uganda, unconstitutionally of course because they just found 200 billion barrels of oil? May the Lord bless you and keep you friend.

  4. I live in Northern California, which you know is one of the most Democratic part this great country we live in, so everytime I mention to anybody the many things Obama is doing to take away our liberties, they immediately jump on the Obamanation bandwagon and say he's the best thing for America right now. I wish I could carry a miniature version of you around in my pocket, just so I could have somebody that is eloquent enough to get them to shut up. I was in the military and do not have a sense for such things.

    I just wanted to say that I really appreciate what you are doing with this blog, and you deserve to be the CEO of CNN and FOX. Keep up the good work sir.

    P.S. Did you know Obama unconstitutionally, of course, started another war in Uganda because they found 200 billion barrels of oil just recently? Just thought that would be something you would like to know...

    1. Thank you, Paul, for your great comments and for your service to America. It is encouraging to have your comments on my blog.

      I did not know about the war Obama started in Uganda over oil, but it does not surprise me. Thank you for the news tip.

      I wish there were more people like you out there. May God bless you always, and may God bless America.