Monday, June 4, 2012

Teen Math Prodigy Shouryya Ray Solves 350-Year-Old Newtonian Particle Dynamics Mystery

Shouryya Ray, teenage math genius, solved 350-year-old Newton particle dynamics theories, Teen math prodigy, Shouryya Ray, is an India-born youth studying in Germany. He recently solved two particle dynamics theories posed by Sir Isaac Newton over 350 years ago. Modern scientists have considered the problems unsolvable.

This kid, 16-year-old Shouryya Ray, is awesome. He is one of many prodigious examples around the world, demonstrating a direct fulfillment of the biblical prophecy found in the Old Testament Book of Joel, Chapter 2, verses 28-32, particularly verse 28.

According to a May 27, 2012 International Business Times article by Ankita Mehta, titled Indian-Origin Boy in Germany Solves Newton's 350-Year-Old Math Problem, young Shouryya Ray was told during a field trip that a fundamental particle physics problem posed by Sir Isaac Newton 350 years ago was unsolvable. The kid could not believe there could be no solution, so he set about finding one. The kid was right. There is no reason to suppose that a solution does not exist just because nobody has found it for centuries.

Different subject, same concept. The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle is myopic and bogus. We subscribe to it because it is all we can discern with our current understanding. It is all we can calculate and observe with our current mathematics and instruments.

I refuse to believe that you cannot know both the precise location and the precise momentum of any given particle at any given moment. To suggest that such determinate precision is impossible is to deny God and say that he cannot keep track of his own handiwork. Such a notion is daft at best, if not downright blasphemous.

It would be far wiser and more humble to admit that there must be a way to precisely and simultaneously determine both the position and the momentum of any particle of matter, but we have not yet discovered how to do it. The best we can do so far involves sacrificing the precision with which one value is determined to more accurately determine the other value.

Now, don't go shouting that I'm a religious nut devoid of respect for science. As a servant of Jesus Christ, I have the utmost respect for science. Who do you think invented science in the first place? We haven't even tapped a fraction of a quark on the tip of the iceberg of science.

Two years ago, scientists suggested quantum memory may invalidate the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, or the principle of indeterminacy, as it is often called. An August 2, 2010 article at by Casey Johnston, titled Quantum memory may topple Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle supports the idea that the precise values of all attributes of matter at any given moment can be known simultaneously.

Look back through history. You cannot help but acknowledge that things once thought impossible were later proven possible and eventually became common knowledge among laymen.

Early proponents of visionary hypotheses risked and often lost life and limb for truths they could barely conceptualize in their minds, let alone prove empirically. History has vindicated many of them. Extrapolate your paradigm forward with an eternal perspective.

Do not assume that there is any such thing as a problem that cannot be solved. We have not discovered everything there is to discover. We do not yet have the whole picture in any discipline of science. We cannot even fully grasp the extent of the laws of physics at our Telestial level of understanding. How can we, as mortal men, expect to completely comprehend universes created by a Celestial God?

Matter can be organized into any conceivable form and endowed with any conceivable set of attributes. But not by Telestial means. Nor by Terrestrial means.

The layman can learn more about the universe in the temples of the LDS Church, that is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, than in any other institution of learning on the face of the earth. And it's free.

It would behoove you to find the Mormon missionaries and listen to them. Be baptized, and do whatever it takes to prepare yourself to go to the temple. You will never regret doing so.

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