Thursday, June 28, 2012

Documentary DVD Dreams of My Real Father Deepens Obama Birth Record Conspiracy

Plausible deniability. Kenya and Barack Obama, Senior. Hawaii and Frank Marshall Davis. Stanley Ann Dunham in Hawaii or Washington State. Which is it? Perhaps it is none of these. Is Ann Dunham really Barack Hussein Obama's mother? Is the attention over the identity of Obama's real father a divisive smokescreen to cover the identity of his real mother? Maybe that's up next.

Perhaps it is the Obama camp that is actually behind the release of these conflicting evidences. The plot would be to sensationalize unresolved issues, draw investigations away from more pressing matters, and make conservatives believe it is a conservative movement that is exposing new information. It is possible that all of this is an Obama plan to confuse and divide conservatives, all the while concealing an even more disturbing set of facts that that have eluded even the keenest of sleuths.

Obama worshipers still worship Obama. Yet conservatives have not been united among themselves on the issues and facts and evidence against him. Conservatives do agree on one fundamental imperative, however. Regardless of who he is or from whence he came, Obama must be defeated.

There are few if any accidents in politics. Everything is calculated and exploited to some end, be it good or evil. And it should go without saying that in Obama's case, everything is undiluted evil.

On this continent, from about the year 2000 BC until AD 421, prophets had warned various groups of pilgrims that had migrated here from the Tower of Babel and later from Jerusalem that any people who possess this land must remain faithful to God or be destroyed. At least two of the civilizations that grew from these ancient pilgrims were wiped out. And not entirely by plagues or natural disasters. Liberal politics and the associated rise of secret combinations utterly destroyed two great societies from off the face of the land we now inhabit. The warning still stands.

If we the people continue to tolerate homosexual behavior, abortion, big government, entitlement mindsets, and the removal of Christ from our culture, just to name a few, what do you think is going to happen?

Two ancient civilizations inhabited this land between about the year 590 BC and AD 421. They originally settled here as one group. Early in their history, there was a falling out between some of the brothers. A splinter group broke off and became known as Lamanites. The main group called themselves Nephites. The Nephites initially remained faithful to God, but were warned that if they would forget God, the Lamanites would become a scourge and a threat of destruction to the Nephites. Guess what. By the year AD 421, there was one known Nephite left alive. His name was Moroni.

The point is, Obama is part of a progressive scourge that we, as a nation, have brought upon ourselves by what we have fostered in our sociopolitical affairs. So the question becomes, are we as a nation going to rid ourselves of this foul scourge through renewed faithfulness to God, or are we going to descend the slimy slopes of liberalism until our downward inertia becomes irreversible and we end up in hell, where you can have your own personal Islamic extremist to torture you while Satan and Obama laugh and high-five each other.

Perhaps the entire Obama birth record issue is a cleverly orchestrated social engineering project designed by Obama's handlers and financiers dating back to his infancy, or perhaps even pre-dating his conception. The quintessential exploitation of a child born of plausibly deniable heritage among the secretive circles of Communism and Islamic extremist influences, all bent on world domination.

Perhaps by design, perhaps by convenient coincidence, Ann Dunham is impregnated while popular among influential communist ideologues that have ties to wealthy Arab benefactors who see the potential of their investment decades in advance. Strategic point of interest, the White House.

Grab the White House by staging a prolonged series of non-military endeavors within the American sociopolitical sphere. Mask and catalyze the project with carefully timed and deliberately provoked military conflicts overseas. Groom and fund a purposefully conceived child or exploit the convenient birth of an accidentally conceived child to become the ultimate secret weapon. Maintain his obscurity. Cloak him in mystery.

Conjure dark arts and employ the secret oaths of the Gadianton robbers to access the foresight needed to carry out the diabolical conspiracy. Make it span decades, even generations, because there is nothing like the passage of time to muddle the facts.

Engineer the freedom-loving American denizens into a spiraling conundrum, all the while carefully leading them with flaxen cords of entitlements, health-destroying lifestyles, and moral relativism. Lure them away from independence, personal integrity, self reliance, and moral fortitude. Entice them toward social programs and government dependency. Confuse and confound them with information overload and conflicting indoctrination.

When just enough of them are sufficiently ripe, desperate for change at any cost, ready to embrace the new face and the fresh approach and the cunning words designed to placate their fears and lull their minds, enter your political prodigy with an alias that captures ubiquitous attention. Hide his past. Cover his tacks. Conceal his history. He will cooperate. He covets what you are peddling. You have got America and soon the entire planet by the balls.

So the plot thickens. Here I was thinking Obama was born in Kenya, and it turns out he may have been born in Hawaii after all. However, his birth certificate is still a fabrication, a fraud, an image manipulation, and a social engineering exercise.

Interestingly, the reasons behind Obama's desperate efforts to conceal his birth records from the public may have less to do with where he was born and more to do with who his parents are, or are not. There are game changing facts he does not want you to discover, and he will do anything to cover them up and bait public attention toward various other distractions and issues. For all his narcissism, Obama probably does not care what you think about him, as long as you do not know the truth about him, and as long as your efforts to expose his lies can be chocked up as right-wing rhetoric.

One thing is sure. Obama is lying about his past. Period. By their fruits ye shall know them. Anyone with a lick of sense can see the fruits of Obama's policies and ideologies. He is hellbent on the downfall of liberty and the exaltation of his own image in the public eye. His quest for glory and power transcend borders. Obviously. He has no regard for America's borders or sovereignty, and he aspires to be heralded and revered throughout the world.

Copy of a prepared speech seen during Michele Bachmann response to June 28, 2012 Obamacare ruling, June 28, 2012 becomes a day of infamy as the supreme court upholds Obamacare as a tax and plunges America into poverty. Congress did nothing to stop this. That means there are no political checks and balances left in America.

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