Friday, June 8, 2012

Youth Adrift by Ilyan Kei Lavanway for Friday Fictioneers 100-Word Micro-Fiction

I wrote the following story for the Madison Woods Friday Fictioneers. The weekly challenge is to write a 100-word flash fiction story based on the photo provided. It's fun, and it's great practice for anyone who enjoys writing.
Youth Adrift, Youth Adrift is a 100-word micro-fiction story posted on and entered into the Friday Fictioneers comments at

Royan kissed Aleka. Aleka’s lips were dry and cracked.

“How long has it been?” mumbled Aleka.

“Since I kissed a girl?”

“Since we’ve been adrift.”

“Three days.”

Hypoxia exacerbated the delirium of dehydration.

“It burns!” exclaimed Aleka, lifting her dress. An unnaturally large human jaw shaped hole exposed her femur.

“Thank you,” she said, about to cry.

“For what?”

“Hiding me in here, before, before,” she sobbed, gasping.

Royan held Aleka. She cried herself to sleep. She never awoke. A tear descended Royan’s sunburned cheek. He stared into the blue expanse. Glimpses of ground shimmered red beneath the stratus layer.


Follow the continuation, titled Dauntless, at


  1. Sad story. Good take on the prompt.

    Mine's here:

  2. Oh dear, I wonder what the thing was that bit her - zombie perhaps or something even meaner?

  3. Did he stow her away on his ship just before an apocalyptic plague or war or something?

  4. Great mood set-up...yeah...the bitten leg from the hungry survivors.. nice and creepy!

  5. Interesting story, and it sure left me wondering what had bitten her leg. At first I though they'd begun cannibalizing each other, but it hadn't been long enough to be that starving yet...and then the jaw bite was bigger than an ordinary human's so it couldn't have been her companion who'd done it...Maybe next week you can continue?

    Thanks for joining us!