Monday, May 20, 2013

A Song for Liberals - Infanticide - Parody to the Willie Nelson Song On The Road Again

New lyrics even more appropriate for liberals:

Obama wants to kill your unborn child
The life inside your womb is worthless in his eyes
He'd snip its spine and vacuum out its brain

Planned Parenthood,
a legal form of human trafficking,
entices little girls to pregnancy and then
gets rich by stealing motherhood from them.

Legislated hell that chains us down and robs us.
Filthy liberals,
insisting they have rights to kill our babies.

And their way,
is infanticide.
They hate the very God that gave them life.
The life they live is a disgrace to all mankind,
May they burn in hell with skewers in their spines.

Child sacrifice,
to seal satanic oaths for power and for glory.
Kids are targeted,
but unborn babies number in the millions.

So easy,
it's on taxpayers' dime.
More Doctor Gosnells ain't that hard to find.
The life inside your womb ain't yours and it ain't mine.

So let it live, you worthless, liberal slime.
Just let it live, you squalid, filthy swine.

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