Monday, December 17, 2012

Murder Suicides are Human Sacrifices and Child Sacrifices On The Rise Under Obama Tyranny

gun control laws leave the bad guys with guns and the good guys with scum

Social engineering, and its broader cousin, cultural engineering have reached a fever pitch during this last dispensation, that is since 1820. You probably can't get a degree in either of these fields, but trust me, there are post-doctorate minds making lifelong careers out of them. These are lucrative occupations featuring virtually unlimited perks. Untold wealth and power and sensual incentives abound. You can't major in these fields. You're not supposed to know about them. But, now you do.

According to at least one article, few states track murder suicide statistics. However, it seems to me that there have been more incidents of such tragedies in the past four years than there have been in any previous four-year period.

Correlate that with the damage Obama has already done to America. Obama is a known murderer, but this recent surge of murder-suicides, including the horrific act of terror in Newtown, Connecticut has got to make people ask some questions beyond the local level.

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed the uncanny reluctance of the media to call the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting a murder suicide? It may be the worst such event on U.S. soil, yet when I Google search keywords murder suicide, this particular tragedy does not show up. A lot of other cases, including recent ones, do show up. If I search keywords Newton Connecticut, it does show up, so don't tell me it takes days or weeks for search engines to post updates.

These heart-wrenching atrocities are part of Obama's war against America. Do not believe for one second that there is any sincerity in his statement that "We can't tolerate this anymore." As if we could tolerate it before. Those ugly, pursed lips conceal a flood of lies.

The Sandy Hook shooter was groomed for his depraved, psychotic act, either directly or indirectly. The more often these events occur around the world, not just in America, the more leverage Obama and his United Nations league of dictators have to impose gun control and strip you of your Second Amendment right to bear arms.

Obama does not want you to be in any position to prevent these unspeakable travesties. He wants more of them, and he wants to be sure you cannot step up and intervene. If teachers had been armed and trained to shoot well, they might have been able to take down the perpetrator immediately and save over two dozen lives. Better yet, the mere idea that the school staff is armed might deter such an incident from the start.

So, Mr. Obama, you say we can do better. Let's start by arming, training, and deputizing teachers and staff at each and every school in America. You are going the opposite direction. You want to disarm us at every level and placate us with vain and foolish promises that we all know you cannot and will not honor.

There is a bigger problem here, and it is far more sinister than any of us want to consider. But consider it we must, because historical precedent exists upon this very land, and we have been warned prophetically. We have not heeded the warnings. We ask, "How can this happen here?" But it has already happened here before, and we have not learned a thing. Worse things will happen again, and you or your kids or your grand-kids will be alive to witness them first hand.

The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting and other murder suicides involving children, particularly those done in public settings, are more than social engineering data points. They are human sacrifices. Not just human sacrifices, but child sacrifices offered to seal oaths made to Satan. Oaths Obama and others in high positions are fueling to gain and maintain power.

Men like Obama are dogs, devoid of virtue, imagining only evil continually, but appearing poised and charismatic in front of the cameras. Even Satan himself can appear as an angel of light, so it is no stretch of the mind to understand that an evil politician can appear to be a concerned and empathetic altruist.

As God is accelerating His holy work in these latter days, Satan is intensifying his own unholy work. If this is not obvious yet, it will be, soon.

In today's world of unchecked liberal politics and abominable new norms, it is no longer necessary to hide child sacrifices behind the cloak of night in remote, cult rituals, carried out by obscure religious fanatics. Now, the perfect cover for child sacrifices is to perform them in public, in broad daylight, carried out by anyone who can be groomed for the task. The person being groomed for the crime may not even realize he is being manipulated. Likely, he would be in denial if ever he were confronted before carrying out the sinister agenda.

These child sacrifices are staged as random mass killings, throwing in a few token adult victims here and there, just to make things less obvious. Then, with well orchestrated timing, the media is unleashed to distract the shocked and grieving audiences away from the obscure and frightening truth. No one is the wiser.

The publicity itself is the cover story. Another mass killing ending in suicide. Ever wonder why all these killings end in suicide? Somebody does not want the perpetrator falling into the hands of psychiatrists and clergymen who might begin to observe and document deeper, cleverly obscured patterns of influences to which the perpetrator had been subjected.

Sure, you get the stuff intended for you, like the lists of websites and chat transcripts and Facebook posts and such, all indicating troubled youth and questionable connections that conveniently go unnoticed until the horrid climax has passed. But, you never get to the root of the matter. That might disclose subtle, or not so subtle details somebody does not want you to know. Secret works of darkness are concealed at all cost. The local perpetrators are expendable assets to someone in a position of power.

The fact that many, if not all murder suicides involving minors, particularly children under the age of eight, are child sacrifices is hidden behind media coverage of the grieving communities and the political expressions of consolation and the broken pledges to bring justice and stop the violence.

We cry and grieve and bemoan our lost loved ones. But we, as a people, fail to repent and turn to God. We pander to the indescribable filth of homosexual behavior that infects our society. We float aloof of the swelling tide of abortion that stunts our population. We vote away the inheritance of our children and our grandchildren to the third and fourth generation so that we, today might ensure the government takes care of our poor so we don't have to. We elect leaders who mortgage the livelihoods of our children's children, but as long as we can keep our Medicaid and our Medicare, we don't care!

We balk at the thought of paying tithing to a church, summarily dismissing the promised blessings, many of which are tangible and immediate, yet we covet that so called affordable health care so much that we pledge the sure-to-be-meager incomes of our future offspring to purchase it for us, because we ourselves cannot hope to afford it. Our land is covered with vices, and few there be who seek virtue.

Even some of our clergymen, who of all people should know better, support politicians, legislators, and judges who defile the sanctity of life and marriage, the two fundamental virtues of humanity. But we rationalize, fooling ourselves into thinking it's okay, because the intent of our hearts is good.

While God does indeed judge us based on the intents of our hearts in addition to our acts, we must bear in mind that Lot's wife surely had good intentions when she turned back toward Sodom and Gomorrah and was reduced to salt in a flash. It has been said that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

The foolish and the blinded suppose that Obama is helping the poor. Those who subscribe to such lies, in spite of all their faith and wholesome intentions, are willfully stupid in this. They do not know that they do not know the eternal ramifications of their vote.

The myopic notion that Obama helps poor people seems to outweigh the fact that he deliberately creates more poverty, dismantles liberty, promotes the redefining of marriage, and funds infanticide with your tax dollars in the name of planned parenthood and women's health. You cannot educate these people. They are unwilling to hear you. Yet, they will urge you to look at their views with an open mind. Or, they will simply consider you to be a racist and a bigot and unchristian-like, uncharitable, and mean-spirited. They may not say it to your face, but they are definitely thinking it, and they are probably saying it behind your back. They have already chosen their messiah.

I have heard people say they were voting for Obama because Mitt Romney had offended them. So it really is about me, me, me. Romney offended me, so I'll vote for Obama. After all, Obama caters to everyone's welfare, and Romney is only interested in America's well being. These same people say Obama is not promoting socialism or communism, and they say Obama's plans are not evil. They say the sun is shining as they bask in the dimming glow of a darkening moon. They call evil good and good evil. Isaiah had something to say about that.

White folks are the cause of most of the problems in America, after all, so let's elect a black guy, never mind the fact that he is a malignant narcissist, hell bent on a personal power grab, and by his own admission has never in his life chosen to surround himself with people of integrity. We want to be able to tell our kids we elected and reelected the first black president, and they will be so proud of us for putting our right to vote to such historic use. They won't even notice how bad they have it, because by the time they are teenagers, their new norm will be Obama without term limits, Obama this, Obama that.

Before your kids are grown, over two thirds of all Americans will be receiving some sort of unearned government payout and will be living below poverty level, thinking their dismal quality of life is normal and that there is nothing they can do about it. But don't worry, your secret is safe. Your kids won't find out there was something you could have done about it but didn't.

Failing entities, particularly big financial institutions and union run industries, will continue to receive government bailouts at your expense. By the way, military retirees and disabled workers who put their honest best into their work may still be receiving government money, but they earned every penny of it. They stuck it out and did not give up, so don't even try comparing them with the manipulative, deadbeat leeches that perpetually suck the life out of our country. Someday soon, the idle will no longer eat the bread of the laborer.

It is more difficult than ever to become and remain self reliant, let alone abundantly prosperous. Have not our treasures become slippery? Do not our investments and retirement funds slip away from us, and the savings and storage we have hidden away for a rainy day become difficult to retain? Do not our weapons of self defense become costly and complicated to retain amid stifling legalities and registration fees and ammunition expenses? Do not our very houses and personal vehicles get torn from us by entities over which we have no immediate control? Do not our jobs disappear and the costs of education and the necessities of life increase while the quality thereof plummets?

And we still indulge our vices, our mind altering substances, our pornography, our lascivious urges, our thirst for gambling, or whatever else constitutes those flaxen cords with which we have allowed ourselves to be bound. We wail and writhe in anguish of soul, yet we do not repent.

"God? Who needs him?" say so many liberals. We can solve every problem and pacify every demand, satisfy every need, and bring about world peace through pacifist liberal politics. And if that doesn't work, we'll just let our world elites, all of whom are liberal, by the way, snuff out 90 percent of the planet's human population so at least those pillars of the human race can dwell in abundance and carry on the human legacy. We can roll over and die knowing we contributed to their greater cause. We can do all this ourselves, so we don't need God, we say. Or we admit we do need God, and then we vote for the likes of Obama. In other words, we vote for Satan.

But I digress.

Sorcery and witchcraft and spells and satanic oaths are not merely fodder for fantasy games and horror movies. They are real. They are not limited to the dark ages. They are more rampant in high places and in the well settled circles of society today than ever before.

Every nation on the earth has secret combinations operating at some level. There is probably more of that here in America than anywhere else. Why? Because America is the bastion of individual liberty and freedom on planet Earth.

After the year AD 421, there has never existed on this earth a system of government established by God, until our Founding Fathers acted on divine inspiration and drafted the Constitution of the United States of America. That makes America Satan's primary target. Only one nation on this planet has ever been greater than the United States, and that nation fell because of the same secret combinations and dark oaths in practice on our soil today. That should scare you.

The Apostle John saw visions of our day and our future. One of the things he specifically mentioned in the New Testament Book of Revelation is sorcery. Many prophetic warnings against sorcery and witchcraft and related abominations are directed at us. God will utterly abolish idolatry and put a swift end to witchcraft and everything like it.

Prophets would not have bothered to warn us against something that would not be in operation among us in our day. If such practices were merely medieval folly to be long abandoned as we entered our so called enlightened modern age of technology, then there would be no need for prophetic warnings directed at us. The very fact that such warnings do exist says plenty.

Sadly, the very people who need to read this the most are liberals, and there is probably not a one of them who will take the time to read this and actually take it seriously. The day of "I told you so" is nigh at hand.

Allow me to conclude with one piercing warning directed at us today, and more specifically directed at liberal voters who, by their votes and their influences, have built up the very combination spoken of in this warning. The following warning was written for us by the ancient American prophet, Moroni, around AD 420, while making reference to those who built up the secret combination that caused the the fall of the Jaredite nation, the greatest nation ever to possess this land. The relevance is uncanny and undeniable.

Can you not see the clear reference to a one world government? Can you not see that the liberal leftists of our day are the primary supporters of the very combination that seeks to supplant America and establish a New World Order? Now you know. Children are being sacrificed in more ways than one to make this happen.

Ether 8:24-25 (italics added)

"Wherefore, the Lord commandeth you, when ye shall see these things come among you that ye shall awake to a sense of your awful situation, because of this secret combination which shall be among you; or wo be unto it, because of the blood of them who have been slain; for they cry from the dust for vengeance upon it, and also upon those who built it up. For it cometh to pass that whoso buildeth it up seeketh to overthrow the freedom of all lands, nations, and countries; and it bringeth to pass the destruction of all people, for it is built up by the devil, who is the father of all lies..."


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  2. so, just FYI, the temple of the feathered serpent is part of the AZTEC EMPIRE; it has nothing to do with the mayan calendar.