Saturday, May 4, 2013

Terrorism and the Boston Pressure Cooker Bombers - Article by V. G. La Van Way

The incoherent news media analysts insanely continue breathlessly asking the same stupid question: “why do terrorists do what they do?”

The true and accurate answer is obvious and simple: terrorists Hate.

Their hate is born of and nurtured by the false religion of Islam.

Islam, if you can really characterize it as a religion, is one of deception and death. Both deception and spiritual death separate individuals from God.

A true religion connects, or re-connects, individuals with God. That’s what the word religion means, re-connect.

Islam teaches its disciples to lie and deceive infidels; and to enforce its tenants by coercion, intimidation, and oppression. Such are not the ways of a true God; certainly not the ways of Christ’s God and Father (John 20:17; Acts 10:38). By their fruits ye shall know them (Matt. 7:16).

Surely, there are many Christian denominations proclaiming their own errors and misunderstandings of Christ’s teachings, but even in their errors, they come closer to the compassion of the true God, than Muslims will ever be.

The true God is a God of love. “God is love” (1 Jn. 4:8).

Islam provides no evidence of love whatsoever.

Muslims are not loath to strap bombs to their children to kill enemies.

Muslims have no qualms about killing innocent bystanders.

Muslims intend to enforce Sharia law upon all American citizens, contrary to the Constitution, which is supposed to be our protection against loss of religious freedom and other liberties.

Tolerance is a virtue, but when tolerance is exaggerated, extended to evil people, it becomes a vice, and worse. Muslims are parasites that use up and destroy humanity. They must not be tolerated in American Christian society. I've never met a trustworthy Muslim, and I've met a few.

Islam destroys the mind and spirit of its devotees; it destroys life, limb, peace, property, and harmonious operation of civil society. It must be excised from our American culture, removed, returned to its origin, and contained there.

Muslims must be deported to their own place of festering malignancy: the Middle East. We don’t want Muslims here.

The United States is a Christian Nation and shall so remain.

Do not tolerate Muslims. Muslims have a form of “godliness” but no power of godliness. They are evil; from such turn away (2 Tim. 3:5).

Tolerantly deport them, don't kill them as is their aim and desire for non-Muslims. Tolerantly offer them opportunity to convert to Christianity or leave the country.

We need not murder them if they refuse to convert to Christianity. Just deport them. My tolerance is not exaggerated; it’s practical, humane, and remains virtuous.

We incarcerate criminals, separate them from society; we must deport, separate the false religion of Islam from our Christian culture; otherwise the agency granted by God to humanity will not survive the evil of Islam. The total destruction of Christianity and moral agency of mankind is the design of Islam, that is Satan’s intent.

Here is Islam’s contribution to the advancement of society; the compassion it has for humanity:

Just the beginning of what is to come in your town in your neighborhood compliments of the Obama Reich photo justthebeginningofwhatistocomeinyourtowninyourneighborhoodcomplimentsoftheobamareich_zps1872323b.jpg

Pure Evil has many aliases. Moral and religious agency has not survived in nations where Islam, Communism, Socialism, Nazism, whatever the false -ism prevails by force. Take a close look at Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Russia, the (Soviet Union), China; even ethnic neighborhood pockets in free nations, you can add to the list.

Typical Muslim influence on a neighborhood:

Boston Marathon 2013 Tax Day bombings brought to you by the Obama Reich photo bostonmarathon2013taxdaybombingsbroughttoyoubytheobamareich580x773_zps0712f277.jpg

God raised up wise men to establish America, where freedom protects the rights of moral men to pursue their interests without harming the interests of their fellows; America, where moral men protect the constitutional freedoms and liberty of their fellows in return.

American citizens have been blindly engaged in personal pursuits and apathetically ignored protecting their own and their fellow’s liberty.

If you are an American patriot and value your constitutional liberties, pay attention to things, speak out. But ignore the mass-destructive mass-media, allow it no power to corrupt traditional American values and culture.

If you are not an American patriot, leave the country now while you can still do so safely.

Christians know instinctively what is good and virtuous. Nations and communities where Christianity flourishes and the commandments of Christ are most strictly observed, are the most prosperous, clean, advanced and happy. Reclaim Christian values.

Judaism, if practiced as the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob prescribed it, will be compatible with Christian principles prescribed by Jesus Christ. The God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Jesus Christ are one and the same. That is why Muslims so ignorantly and intensely hate both groups. Life and death are no more complicated than that to Muslims, or any other title an evil band assumes.

Government agencies tell us the US population is declining. Individuals can counter that decline by marrying a worthy companion of the opposite sex; establish a traditional Christian family, a man and a woman, legally married, raising children with traditional American Christian values. Keep that commandment and you will prosper. Your children will prosper. So will America. As the family goes, so goes the Nation.

Beat back every evil band using its most feared weapon: TRUTH; it alone will make humanity free. Seek TRUTH. Speak TRUTH. Live TRUTH. TRUTH is absolute. There is no sliding scale of TRUTH or relative TRUTH.

TRUTH is personified in Jesus Christ, He alone. Learn about him. Live by the principles he teaches. You will be happy, free, and protected from the frantic evil of these few remaining days of Earth’s mortal history.

Evil will be conquered.

V. G. La Van Way

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