Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Marathon and JFK Presidential Library bombed in Tax Day 2013 terrorist attack possibly organized by our own government

Boston Marathon 2013 Tax Day bombings brought to you by the Obama Reich photo bostonmarathon2013taxdaybombingsbroughttoyoubytheobamareich580x773_zps0712f277.jpg

Just the beginning of what is to come in your town in your neighborhood compliments of the Obama Reich photo justthebeginningofwhatistocomeinyourtowninyourneighborhoodcomplimentsoftheobamareich_zps1872323b.jpg

May God bless and comfort all who suffered from this heinous and depraved act.

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Can you say, "inside job?"

As if Benghazi wasn't enough, that Luciferian ape defiling our White House has yet again dealt another blow to Americans and America. I won't even say I'm going out on a limb to conjecture his involvement and foreknowledge of these bombings. I would be going out on a limb to suppose otherwise. And he has the gall to start his press conference addressing this atrocity by saying, "Good afternoon, everybody."

Yeah. It is a good afternoon for him. He got what he wanted at the end of the day.

At 1442 hours EST, two bombs detonated within 100 yards of each other, near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Roughly an hour later, a third explosion occurred at the JFK Presidential Library.

The ABC newscaster on the radio said law enforcement had no leads. He also said there were many suspicious packages being investigated. Interestingly, there was no mention of multiple suspicious objects until after the explosions. And hours later there are supposedly no leads. That sounds like an inside job and cover up.

Oh, wait, now the authorities supposedly have a suspect in custody. Undoubtedly a fall guy or a pawn. Start by arresting the entire Obama cabinet. We don't need to "get to the bottom of this." We are at the bottom. We need to get to the top of this. The top is where the real suspects lie.

But wait, the FBI won't comment on the suspect, and there is some denial that there is anyone in custody. Is there or isn't there? Morons. The conflicting claims and the FBI refusing to comment most likely indicates the Obama Reich has not yet dictated the official cover story, so the FBI is being told to shut up and wait until the lies are aligned.

Clever, making the bombs appear amateur. Nice try, bungholes. Top tier conspirators are adept at throwing evidence downhill to make it look like a random crime, a crime committed by perpetrators of minimal skill.

Makes me wonder what else is really going on that requires this level of media diversion to prevent Americans from gaining a full awareness of current conspiracies. Notice how Obama echoes Bush by saying, "Let's not jump to conclusions."

School shootings were getting old, and the staged suicide at the recent NRA race didn't have the impact hoped for, so the Obama Reich had to wheel out a full blown terrorist attack to shove us a notch closer to the New World Order that Joe Bite Me was just promoting days ago.

This crap is ongoing. Cell phone services in the Boston area were shut down in the name of preventing remote detonations, but I think it is more for information control and communications blackout to keep We The People in the dark and unable to collaborate developing evidence against our own government in real time.

Is the fact that this happened on Tax Day a coincidence?

This comes on the heels of the April 2013 General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. During one address, lengthy mention of the 9/11 terrorist attacks was made, saying, "who can forget?"

Throughout the conference, there was a theme of dire warning woven into the comforting words of Christian edification. You would be wise to heed them, regardless of your religious denomination or lack thereof.

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