Thursday, April 11, 2013

La Vanway and Son Liberty Campaign - Letter 3

Obama is counting on all of us going to sleep. Some of us are wide awake.

When tyranny becomes law rebellion becomes duty photo when-tyranny-becomes-law-rebellion-becomes-duty_zpsd50721d6.jpg

Every American patriot needs an assault weapon.

Every American patriot needs several high capacity magazines.

Every American patriot needs an ample supply of ammunition.

We need these arms to protect ourselves
and resist the RENEGADE U.S. MILITARY, the ATF Agency, and the out-of-control federal-state government-media cabal.

The above organizations, and others, are Hell-bent on suppressing freedom and liberty in America.

This great country has been transformed into the Soviet Union of the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

The insanity of Democrats, RINOs, and other liberals is rapidly corrupting family structure, and American society.

Demorats (rats indeed), RINOs, in concert with other foolish perverse liberals, want government to care for Children; remove them from parents’ responsibility, care, and education. Dumb children down, demoralize them for easier control and manipulation.

Demorats, RINOs, News Media, and other despicable liberals propagandize against religion, morality, and traditional American values. Their objective is to destroy America, destroy all that is good. It’s their insanely frantic last-ditch assault before God intervenes and sweeps them off the face of the land.

We all know this, but why let them get away with so much of it before God’s intervention?

Note the US Army’s training presentation characterizing the Catholic Church and Mainstream Christianity as equal to Muslim extremism.

Note Rush Limbaugh’s caller, a counter-insurgency instructor who described his experiences: he was dismissed from a program because he objected to the unprofessional manner and anti-American, anti-decency, Nazi propagandist bias of the program.

There are more such incidents yet unpublicized.

Our liberties, once guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, are being eroded before our eyes, and we let them.

When shall we throw the lie-tax-spend-perverts out of their positions of influence?

When shall we cease to abide unjust laws imposed upon us by corrupt magistrates?

When shall we impeach judges and officials who govern against the will of WE THE PEOPLE?

When shall we heal our society of literal and figurative diseases which corrupt body, mind, and soul?

When shall we reject perversions of natural laws that sustain the Cosmos.

When shall we?

I say NOW!

V. G. La Van Way

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