Friday, April 12, 2013

Cedar Hills Elementary School Teacher Cheryl Sabb Indoctrinates Jacksonville Florida Children for Obama

Why does it always have to be kids that get shot in school shootings? You want change? Change that.

School shootings and abortions are two fronts of the new holocaust. The media frenzy surrounding school shootings is designed to distract attention away from the millions of babies being butchered every year at taxpayer expense while getting the grieving and unthinking masses riled up enough to think gun ownership causes such crimes.

How does it feel being forced to fund infanticide while being stripped of your rights to protect your school children from godless indoctrination and death?

Put teachers like Cheryl Sabb in the line of fire and see how safe they feel after giving up their constitutional rights for a false sense of security. Use her and others like her as human shields to protect the children when the next Manchurian Obamatron gets unleashed and Cedar Hills Elementary joins the likes of Sandy Hook.

Adolph Hitler was one man, yet he orchestrated the Holocaust and all its ramifications. He deceived many into helping him carry out his nefarious designs. Obama is one man, and he is worshipped by godless and mindless masses. Those who aided Hitler were possessed of the same mindset that possesses contemporary liberals.

Did I hear someone say it's Open Season in Jacksonville, Florida? It better be. Because...


Teacher Cheryl Sabb Cedar Hills Elementary Jacksonville Florida Left Wing Indoctrination of Children photo teachercherylsabbcedarhillselementaryjacksonvillefloridaleftwingindoctrination580x580_zpsad3a410f.jpg

Leads to this:

holocaust women and children naked in line for execution gas chambers photo holocaustwomenandchildrennakedinlineforexecutiongaschambers580x387_zps026866c5.jpg

Click here to sign the Petition to Immediately Terminate Cedar Hills Elementary School Teacher Cheryl Sabb

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  1. Yes teacher Cheryl Sabb is a most dangerous and wicked person. Simply she not only forces her unAmercan ideals but to children forced to attend these public schools but on the taxpayers dime. What a messed up and unconstitutional system.