Monday, August 6, 2012

Shade Documentary Film to Expose Bilderberg Extermination Agenda

SHADE the motion picture is set blow the lid off the Bilderberg plot to exterminate the poor. The world elites take the Biblical prophecies of Zion in a Satanic direction. The scriptures explain that the people of God will establish a civilization called Zion, meaning they will be of one heart and one mind. That is to say, the people will have an eye single to the glory of God and will not be chasing after worldly indulgences, perversions, and corruption.

One of the characteristics of Zion is that it will be a prosperous society. There will be no poor among them. That can be taken two different ways.

The correct way is to understand that the people help each other and work together under the direction of God and his prophet and apostles. Each individual and each family prospers. Every person diligently magnifies his own stewardship and is personally accountable for his own works.

There are no poor, because nobody is idle minded or lazy or dependent on the government. In fact, the Zion government will be more akin to the spirit and intent of the Constitution of the United States as originally envisioned by our Founding Fathers. The spirit and intent of the Constitution has never been to promote or to allow an entitlement mindset or a welfare state or any form of socialism to creep into our society. In Zion, the idle will not eat the bread of the laborer. In other words, the idle will either choose to work or choose to leave. There will be no other options.

Now, don't go thinking the crippled and the elderly and the mentally incompetent will be left unattended. They will receive the best care, and they will be cared for by the people closest to them, not by the government and not by any type of social program. If your grandma gets sick, you will be the one tending her. If your kid is retarded, you will be the one taking care of him. You don't get to pawn anyone off on state welfare. There is no state welfare.

The erroneous way of thinking is to exile or exterminate anyone deemed poor. Rather than create jobs for the poor and pay them fair wages for their efforts, the poor are simply rounded up and exiled or flat out murdered. Death panels determine who is worth saving when it comes to rationing the so called free health care you liberals want so badly. This is what the proponents of the New World Order want to do. Secret societies such as the Bilderberg Group and the Illuminati are major influences behind this plot.

The time will come when those who support the likes of Obama will no longer coexist with those who hold fast to the timeless principles of truth and liberty and the Constitution. There will be a complete polarization between these two camps. There will be a physical separation of the two, not merely an ideological distinction as there has hitherto been.

In all likelihood, the physical escape of the Zion society from among the socialist society will involve bloodshed. So, heed the prophets, search the scriptures, store food, buy crossbows, machetes, knives, and various household chemicals you may need to employ in defense of your own life and the lives of your loved ones. We will need to think outside the box on this. Big government may take away guns and ammunition, but you can still buy knives, bows and arrows, and various cleaning supplies that have useful chemicals in them. We still outnumber the government, and we can still outsmart the government, even though the government may have us outgunned.

Above all, remember to pray. That is something over which your enemies can wield no power. Most of them don't even believe in God. The federal government, as it stands today, scorns deity. Prayer is your secret weapon. It is the one thing you have that they don't. It is the one thing they cannot regulate or take away from you. It's free. And the only training you need is faith in Christ.

Something to consider. When the federal government decides to impose nationwide martial law for an indefinite duration, it will likely import foreign troops to enforce it. I would hope and pray that the majority, if not the entirety of our own troops will stand against the federal government when it comes to that. After all, our troops are part of We the People. They have put their lives on the line for the people. That is why we are still a free country.

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