Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dishonorable Disclosures Documentary Exposes Obama as a Severe National Security Threat

The above video, titled Dishonorable Disclosures, was posted on YouTube August 15, 2012. The video is also featured on the website. The Dishonorable Disclosures documentary exposes Obama as a direct threat to national security. Ironic! Today's so called commander-in-chief is our biggest single point of failure.

The only indication that Obama understands the concept of operations security (opsec) is the great length and expense to which he goes to conceal his own history and citizenship records from public disclosure. He wants our intel to become transparent while his info remains opaque.

Obama has deliberately leaked highly sensitive and critical intelligence information in a political ploy to stop Israel from defending herself against Iran. Obama also takes credit for Navy Seal activities by pretending to identify with them. That borders on the sacrilegious and is at best a Luciferian display of loathsome arrogance and self aggrandizement.

Why has Obama not been removed by force? If a soldier divulges critical intel, that soldier is dealt with harshly and swiftly, possibly losing his career or his life.

Obama hands out intel like it's candy, yet he remains the most slippery bastard ever to disgrace our nation.

Reagan was affectionately called the Teflon President, because criticisms just seemed to slide off him, and he kept right on working for America. Reagan truly loved and served America, and we became a better nation because of it.

Obama, on the other hand, is just plain slimy. He has done nothing but harm America. And he does it on purpose. The first president in U.S. History to actually hate America.

President Ronald Reagan warned us about Obama in the first five minutes of a speech decades ago. Prophets have been warning us long before that. But, who's listening? Anyone? Anyone out there? Hello? Knock. Knock. Tick. Tock.

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