Friday, August 31, 2012

2016 Obama's America Movie a Blockbuster Hit

The following video documentaries, 2016 Obama's America, and The Obama Deception, illustrate the fact that there is a much bigger problem than just one president and two seemingly opposed political parties. The astonishing truth is that the Republicans and the Democrats, in the broadest sense, are nothing more than two arms wielded by the same body of secret societies and secret combinations.

These secret organizations of the world's elites invoke the same secret oaths of darkness and the same diabolical practices about which we have been warned prophetically throughout history. We have refused to hearken. Our slothfulness is coming back to bite us.

We have the opportunity to begin a major course correction by electing Mitt Romney in November, 2012. If we fail to do so, we will plunge ourselves irreparably into the quagmire that Obama has exacerbated.

Notice I did not say conservatives and liberals are appendages of the secret workers of darkness. I said Republicans and Democrats are such appendages. There is an eternal and distinct difference between the two pairs.

One pair merely pretends to be in opposition while in the public eye. The other pair is and always has been at odds. That pair is inherently polarized, and there is no neutral ground. It's Good vs. Evil. If you want to trace this colossal conspiracy to its deepest roots, read the article titled Lucifer's Plan and the Liberal Leftist Agenda, Seeds of Apostasy and Treason.

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