Thursday, February 14, 2013

Terminator Today - The art and science of drone warfare and remote assassination of anyone - including American citizens

I am all for the efficiency afforded by drones in the extermination of enemy combatants that are directly threatening Americans, wherever they may be. However, I oppose the use of drones against American citizens when no probable cause exists to indicate criminal activity.

I also oppose the falsification of information wherein civilians are recategorized as combatants due to their proximity to actual combatants. This murderous practice of lying skews the statistics to show fewer collateral casualties than the numbers actually incurred during most, if not all drone strikes against personnel.

The expression of conservative political opinions that honor and uphold the United States Constitution is not probable cause for suspicion of criminal intent or activity. Owning a gun and defending yourself, your home, your family, and your neighbors is not criminal activity.

Watch this Fox News video on the science of drone warfare.

YouTube video link:

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