Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Correlation between Allah, Anti-Christ, and 666 Mark of the Beast. Did John see Arabic symbols in his visions?

The WND article by Michael Carl titled Is Allah The Antichrist features Part One of a two part video documentary from Armageddon News titled Islamic Mark of the Beast. Below are the videos and direct links to both Part One and Part Two of this documentary. This article and the associated video documentary present some interesting and sobering observations.

I do not necessarily believe that Allah is the Antichrist. I think there is more than one antichrist, and I think that the Antichrist to which John refers is someone on the current or near future sociopolitical stage. Nevertheless, this documentary presents an interesting perspective.

Link to YouTube video, Islamic Mark of the Beast Part 1 Armageddon News:

Link to YouTube video, Islamic Mark of the Beast Part 2 Armageddon News:

YouTube video link to Thousands of Muslims Convert to Christianity in Iraq:

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