Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What do you feel when you shoot a terrorist? Recoil.

recoil, A CNN reporter asked a United States Marine Sniper what he feels when he shoots a terrorist. The Marine Sniper replied. Recoil.

I love the U.S. Marines! Get Some!


  1. This isn't an actual quote. No CNN reporter ever had this interview. This is a "joke" that has been passed around by soldiers since as early as the Vietnam war.

    So this post is just like all the rest of your posts. Totally misinformed and false.

  2. Joke or not, it still applies. As for the rest of the posts, some are speculative, some are fact, and all are more true than anything Obama says. If you vote to re-elect Obama, you deserve the economic destitution that awaits you. When you can't get the health care you need, and when the cost of living drives you out of house and home, and your relationships turn sour over financial quarrels and desperation, remember Obama, the worst kind of terrorist, and remember this conversion.