Friday, July 13, 2012

Malignant Narcissist copyright © 2012 Ilyan Kei Lavanway for Madison Woods Friday Fictioneers

malignant narcissist buzzard, This buzzard image is provided by Madison Woods for the weekly 100-word flash fiction challenge, Friday Fictioneers. My July 13, 2012 contribution is titled Malignant Narcissist. You can guess who I am talking about. Read the story at

Like a buzzard perched ominously atop the charred remnants of a tree overlooking the decimation of a nation, he stares down his nose at the cameras, opens his mouth, and hemorrhages another gush of lies. He stands in the pitch black of midnight, declares the sun is shining, and expects you’ll believe him. Wielding nefarious sorcery, he gets inside heads. Insanity. Gullibility the curse. Swollen fables the allure. Charisma belies his Luciferian agenda. The God-fearing arm themselves. They gather in churches and send forth trained defenders to retrieve the stores of food concealed in private homes. Unseen angels stand ready.


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