Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Great feedback from a fellow American. This guy is awesome!

Flush Old Dingle Barry Out of the Oval Office, This classic, limited edition original anti-Obama bumper sticker from Lavanimal's 2012 Pre-election Collection is featured at with a great customer story.

I recently received the following feedback from a great customer who purchased one of these anti-Obama bumper stickers from the Lavanimal Pre-election Collection:

Quick story about that sticker I purchased. Went out to the post office at lunch to check my mail today. There I was parked sandwiched between a guy on his Harley and a lady in a Prius. I saw her PrObama sticker on her car when I was pulling in. She saw mine as she walked by and said my sticker was in bad taste. I asked her why and she said the image was bad. I explained to her what the symbolism of the sticker was (which I got from your product description on eBay). Of course she wasn't listening. She was not happy. I didn't realize that the guy on the Harley was watching the discussion the whole time. You know what he did? He opened up his leather jacket to reveal a shirt that said NObama on it. I told the lady, "Looks like you're out numbered here sweetheart. Come on over and join the winning team." We both laughed. Prius lady got pissed and drove off. I stood there and talked to the Harley guy for a bit after. I was proud to shake his hand.

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