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Memorial Day 2012 Commemorates Past, Present, and Future Americans

Jesus Christ and the American Soldier quote by Irene Whiteside, Irene Whiteside is quoted as the author of this heartfelt message. Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you. Jesus Christ and the American Soldier. One died for your soul. The other died for your freedom. This image is featured in the Conspiracy Paranormal blog article titled Memorial Day 2012 Commemorates Past, Present, and Future Americans, posted May 28, 2012. Visit conspiracyparanormal. for unique perspectives on Conspiracy Theories and Paranormal Phenomena.

Memorial Day 2012, we commemorate the sacrifice of so many Americans who have given so much to secure our liberty and preserve our sovereignty. Thank you to all who have served and sacrificed lives and comforts and efforts to bless America with freedom. And thanks be to God for inspiring and sustaining America’s Founding Fathers and all sincere patriots who have endeavored and who will yet endeavor to uphold and honor the Constitution. Cursed be those who seek to dismantle it.

Today, America is threatened by internal enemies that are, in many ways, more devastating to liberty and sovereignty than any external enemy has ever been. Seldom in recent decades have we had a selection of presidential candidates that did not end up being a choice between the lesser of two evils.

The year 2008 was definitely a year in which there were no truly good presidential candidates left in the running by November. We were forced to choose between two evils. We elected the worst evil this nation has ever chosen. We are paying dearly for our asinine blunder.

But, there is hope. And I’m not talking about 2008-style hope. I'm not talking about the hope of those who seek entitlements and handouts from the government, having done little or nothing to earn it while being able-bodied, entirely capable of having worked for their own sustenance. Notice I did not mention a sound mind. Those who voted for the single most unvetted and obscure individual in American history, and the economic terrorism he ignited after November, 2008 were not of sound mind. If you continue in that vein for 2012, you are traitors and apostates. I am describing half of the population of the United States. That is a sad and perilous state of affairs.

Now, for the first time in decades, we are blessed with a clear choice between good and evil. For once in our lives, we have a stark demarcation between right and wrong. So, let’s get it right, America.

I implore you with all the energy of my soul that you do not waste this rare opportunity to elect a truly good and honest president in a time when your country most urgently needs rescue from the clutches of internal despotism. There will probably never be another opportunity like this.

We cannot remain idle and say that God has not granted us a realization of our error and a way to overcome it. The choice is literally black and white. It’s as clear as night and day. There is no gray area to hide behind or to obscure our reasoning or cloud our judgment. We know what must be done, and we are left without excuse.

The choice we confront today is as obvious as the choice we faced before this earth was created. We who have been born elected good. We aligned ourselves with Jesus Christ.

One third of humanity pertaining to this earth chose evil and aligned with Lucifer. You know how that turned out.

You have been born. That means you once voted for good and aligned yourself with Christ. Having once chosen well, why would you now dissent to the side of the adversary and elect evil? Why would you vote for Satan when you can see the results of doing so? Over the past four years, have you not learned by your own experience to distinguish between good and evil?

A vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for that which is good. A vote for Harrison J. Bounel, Barry Soetoro, Barack Hussein Obama, or whatever he calls himself for political expediency, is a vote for evil. There is no gray area. There is no moderate or center ground. Be right or be wrong. Reap the fruits of your vote.

Those of you out there who hold the Priesthood of Almighty God know exactly what I am talking about. If you vote for Lucifer’s insurgent in this election, you are trifling with that which God has bestowed upon you, and you will be held accountable for it.

Straighten up and vote right.

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