Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Black Teen Jada Williams Shunned by Barack Obama and Persecuted by Education System

According to the eye-opening and superbly written article by Matthew May titled Black Teen Run Off the Liberal Plantation, posted May 2, 2012 in American Thinker, thirteen year old Jada Williams was given a school assignment to read a book titled The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave. Jada's assignment was to not only read this book, but to write an essay about her impressions regarding the book.

Jada's essay was supposed to be entered into a competition. That never happened. Her essay is honest and insightful, to say the least. It merits every opportunity enter and to win any writing competition out there. But, it is not what her so called educators want to hear. It is not in line with the approved indoctrination of young minds overseen by the federally funded bureaucracy known as the National Education Association (NEA).

Not only did Jada's school teacher a promise to enter Jada's essay into the competition, but the teacher distributed copies of the essay to the faculty members and the school principal. Soon, Jada's parents began receiving phone calls stating that Jada was an angry student.

Jada had no prior history of anger issues at school. She had consistently earned good grades, being described as a model student up until the reading of her essay. Apparently, her essay offended and exposed her liberal educators so much that they unfairly began issuing low grades on all her subsequent work. The school refused to show Jada's parents any of her work that supposedly received poor grades.

If Jada did become angry, wouldn't that be understandable? Who can blame her for feeling some rage, if indeed she did, though it appears she remained dignified in spite of what she faced. She just read a book that opened her young mind to a horrific reality that, while perhaps not being physically perpetuated today, is to some extent being intellectually and perhaps psychologically perpetuated by a corrupt, liberal, leftist education system. I wonder if Jada's teacher made her read that book hoping it would provoke exactly the response it did.

Admittedly, Jada is an exceptional student who has a sincere desire to learn. Many of her peers, regardless of race or background, have no desire whatsoever to learn anything. Teachers have a responsibility to teach. Students have a responsibility to learn. In Jada's case, it seems she is doing her part, but her teacher and school faculty are not holding up their end of the deal.

Domestic despot and White House insurgent, Barack Hussein Obama, and First Witch spelled with a "B" were both quick to react to news of the Martin Trayvon shooting. Obama promptly placed a personal phone call to Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke after Rush Limbaugh called out for exchanging sex for contraception, calling her a slut and a prostitute following her speech in favor of mandating insurance companies to cover contraception. Obama took time to express concern and direct action regarding the Trayvon Martin shooting. He took time to personally offer his support to Sandra Fluke. But, he won't touch the Jada Williams essay issue with a ten foot pole. Why? Don't even think about telling me he hasn't heard about it. You know he has.

More details available on RomanticPoet's Weblog, a wordpress blog. You can watch Jada Williams read her essay on the YouTube video below.

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