Monday, March 26, 2012

Front Row Seats to History's Greatest Event

Giant alien mother ships cloaked in low Earth orbit. Multiple UFO sightings near major cities around the world. UFO sightings accompanying major natural disasters. You may have heard such rumors.

I have not personally witnessed or experienced anything to confirm such claims, but I cannot dismiss them either. I would be foolish to summarily reject the possibility and the likelihood of some truth behind these types of claims. And I’ll tell you why.

This earth is the seat of the atonement of Jesus Christ. The birth and the resurrection of Jesus Christ have been the quintessential events in the history of all of Heavenly Father’s creations, particularly among all of the worlds populated by his spirit offspring. In a few decades, perhaps in your lifetime or your children’s lifetime, nobody knows exactly when, Christ will return to this earth.

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ will be the event of all events. Surely, all of our Heavenly Father’s spirit offspring traversing their mortal probations on their assigned worlds have been eagerly awaiting the second advent of their savior, our savior, to this earth, the place where he completed his infinite atonement that has eternal efficacy for every son and daughter of God on every world he has created and populated.

You might take for granted the fact that you live on the same earth where Jesus Christ accomplished the infinite and eternal atonement. People on other worlds are not so likely to take for granted the fact that their very continuation through the eternities hinges upon the messianic events that transpire upon this earth.

Jesus Christ told Enoch that the inhabitants of this earth were more iniquitous than the inhabitants of any other planet inhabited by offspring of our Heavenly Father. It stands to reason that this earth is the seat of the atonement. Christ had to be born onto a world where the wickedness of its inhabitants was so severe that they would crucify their own savior.

To put it another way, the spirit children of our Heavenly Father who would end up being the most wicked of all his children had to be assigned to be born upon the same earth where Jesus Christ would be born, so that Christ could deliver himself into the hands of men evil enough to murder him. This was a necessary part of his atoning sacrifice. Heavenly Father, in his omniscient foreknowledge, knew which of his children would become wicked enough to crucify his only begotten son in the flesh.

He also knew from the beginning who among all of his children would remain valiant and prove themselves steadfast and faithful enough to carry the Gospel of his only begotten son to all the ends of this earth, at all cost and against all odds, to enable any remnants of the pure in heart to be gathered out from among the wicked before the final day of judgment. Which are you?

Christ is about to return to the seat of his atonement. His return in the fullness of his glory will usher in a new chapter in history, everywhere. The inhabitants of countless other worlds want front row seats to the big event when it goes down. But, they won’t all fit into low Earth orbit. Nor do they know exactly when the event will commence.

So, it is reasonable to suggest that many, if not all of our Heavenly Father’s children on all of the worlds they inhabit, have sent representatives, prophets if you will, to be in position to witness first hand and report to their peoples the return of Christ to the earth upon which he atoned for their sins and secured their redemption and their resurrection.

Our earth. Right here. Think about that. This is where it all happens. And you get to live here and be a part of it. The inhabitants of other worlds do not know any more than we know the exact timing of Christ’s return to this earth. However, just as we have prophets warning us that he will return soon, other worlds have prophets telling their peoples of Christ’s Second Advent to the seat of the atonement. It’s a big deal. It defies description. Any impetus I can offer here is a gross understatement at best.

So, when you hear about or witness armadas of large alien mother ships or UFOs flying around major cities and natural disasters, use a little logic in light of the broader, eternal perspective. Extraterrestrials are not here to destroy us or invade us. Nor are they here to enslave us or harvest us or experiment on us or hybridize us. Lucifer and his followers are playing that game.

If aliens really wanted to do any of those things to us, they would have already done it. They are not here for that. They are here to witness the return of their savior to the planet that is his footstool, the earth upon which he atoned for all of his Father’s children.

I find it ironic that the inhabitants of worlds so far removed from us that we cannot yet empirically prove their existence would take a greater interest in the return of Jesus Christ to our lowly earth than we ourselves do. And we live here. They want front row seats to the greatest event in the history of God’s creations. We already have box seats, and we take that for granted. Better yet, we’re actually participating on the playing field, right where the action is. Feel blessed?

As a side note, have you ever wondered about the symbolism of those found on the right hand of Christ and those found on his left hand in the final judgment? Could he be dropping us a hint about the mindsets with which we align ourselves during these last days leading up to his return? Look at what is going on in our world. There is right and wrong, and there is right and left, but right is always right, so what does that make left?

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