Sunday, March 25, 2012

Alien Abductions are Misnomers

Aliens exist. Of this fact there should be no doubt. Not only does it make sense that they exist, but prophets and apostles of Jesus Christ have revealed that they exist. Of particular interest to me are the human beings indigenous to other habitable planets similar to our earth. These people are begotten sons and daughters of the same Celestial Father who begat us.

Not only do I have a personal conviction of the truth of the scriptures regarding the existence of people indigenous to other earth-like planets, but I have had at least one personal dream that, all by itself, convinces me of this fact even without the additional testimonies of the prophets. I have recorded that dream in my personal journal. I have also included an account of it in my book, Earth Sink, from the last paragraph of page 113 through the end of page 121.

Yes, the book Earth Sink is a fictional dramatization of latter-day events on Earth, but the accounts of my dreams included in the book are not fictional. I recorded them as accurately as I could recall them.

Furthermore, I have had experiences that convince me that events most people consider to be alien abductions are nothing of the sort. Such phenomena are far more sinister, and the perpetrators are not alien at all, but are indigenous to this earth. They have pertained to this earth since our human family was assigned to it while it was still in the planning stages of its creation.

A dramatized representation of this concept is expressed in a movie titled The Fourth Kind. Though I had nothing whatsoever to do with the production of that movie, it is the best illustration I have ever seen regarding the notion that aliens are not the ones abducting people, nor have they ever been. I highly recommend the movie The Fourth Kind to anyone even remotely interested in this subject matter.

Lucifer and the one third who allied themselves with him in the great pre-mortal war are the ones orchestrating these unspeakable abductions. Not only am I telling you who I think are behind so called alien abductions, but I will tell you why I think they are doing it and have been doing it about as long as mortal man has been on the earth. From here on, I will refer to so called alien abductions as satanic or demonic abductions, because that is exactly what I think they are.

Why do Lucifer and his legions want to abduct people? Simple. They want bodies. They can’t have bodies. They lost that right when they opted out of God’s plan before this earth was created. They had nothing whatsoever to do with the creation of this earth, or any other world. They are not creators, but are destroyers, embittered vessels of wrath, literally hell bent on the utter decimation of everything and everyone, including me and you. Some will pose as altruistic entities, such as Abraham-Hicks, but their intentions are anything but altruistic. Such posers are a different subject for a different article.

Having forever lost the right to be born into physical bodies, these demonic spirits want to circumvent their curse and create bodies for themselves. They know that their Celestial Father, who is our God, and his son, Jesus Christ, formed a physical body for Adam out of the elements of the earth and then put Adam’s spirit into that body so that Adam became the first living human being to inhabit this earth.

They also know that God the Father and his son Jesus Christ caused a deep sleep to come upon Adam. Now this is the part that really got Lucifer’s attention. While Adam slept, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ extracted what was most likely DNA material, represented by the rib taken from Adam’s side as spoken of in the scriptures. Using the elements of the earth and the DNA material taken from Adam’s body, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ formed a body for Eve, and then put Eve’s spirit into her body so that she became the second living human being to inhabit this earth. It should go without saying that Adam and Eve, and subsequently all of us, are created in the image of our heavenly parents, male and female.

Knowing that there is a process by which physical human bodies can be created by combining DNA from a live human subject with organic materials available on the earth, Lucifer and his minions are desperate to duplicate that process for themselves before their time on Earth runs out. Their ongoing efforts to master this process have failed, and will always fail, for the simple reason that they do not have the keys of the priesthood required to effect such an operation.

But that does not stop them from trying. They will hybridize iteration after iteration, trying every conceivable combination to get results as closely resembling human bodies as they can, at all cost.

Lucifer and his followers discovered early on in their exile to earth that they could easily posses and manipulate reptilian creatures indigenous to Earth. Lucifer first approached Adam and Eve after having embodied himself in the reptilian flesh of some bipedal species of serpent that apparently walked upright. Scriptural accounts reveal this.

We can deduce that reptilian life forms must have been the most practical embodiments to possess, because Lucifer was eventually cursed in his serpent embodiment to go upon his belly and eat the dust of the earth all his life. If higher life forms would have been as easily possessed and controlled as reptilian life forms, then surely Lucifer would have exited the cursed body of the serpent and possessed a new host that would have enabled him to walk upright immediately. But he did not, could not. 

Higher life forms having greater intelligence than reptilians would require far more effort to possess or control. Such life forms would resist, at least initially. One case that occurred between the years AD 30 and AD 33 illustrates this. A group of spirits that followed Lucifer had possessed two men. These demons were numerous. They were cast out of the two men by Christ himself and were allowed to possess an entire herd of pigs. The pigs immediately ran to the sea and drowned themselves.

It is reasonable to suggest that since Adam had walked and talked with God, Adam must have had a profound understanding of genetics, among other things. Likely, so did Lucifer.

I believe Lucifer began applying genetic engineering to create for himself and his followers reptilian bipedal bodies with fingers and opposing thumbs. Reptilian life being more easily manipulated than higher life forms made this a likely scenario, and a possible workaround for Lucifer’s curse of having to go through the serpent’s life on its belly.

Another possibility could be in play here, too. The scriptures specifically mention that Lucifer, as a serpent, was cursed to go upon his belly. However, the scriptures do not specifically indicate that the spirits who followed Lucifer were so cursed. It is possible that Lucifer continued to direct affairs from his cursed, belly crawling embodiment, while his minions carried out his work, still able to possess or control some type of bipedal reptilian species.

Reptilian life can subsist for prolonged periods of time on relatively little food. Reptilians generate little or no metabolic heat. These traits could be useful in maintaining a stealth profile while carrying out lengthy research and experimentation without being interrupted by the need to feed frequently.

All of this contributes to at least part of an explanation for the many descriptions of so called aliens having strange, reptile-like bodies. Such descriptions seem to be a common denominator in virtually every account of abductees who claim to have any recollection of their ordeals.

Another common denominator in almost every account of abductees who have any recall is that they were subjected to medical or psychological probing and experimentation by merciless, emotionless beings.

People claiming to have survived these types of encounters have coined the term “grays” in reference to the so called gray aliens that apparently carry out these horrific abductions and operations. It is my opinion that these gray beings do indeed exist, but they are not aliens. They are not extraterrestrials. They are satanic, demonic, reptilian beings possessed and manipulated by Lucifer and the spirits that followed him, all of whom were cast out of our pre-mortal Celestial environment, which was the place of our nativity as spirit children to our heavenly parents.


  1. This is utter nonsense. Both the old and new testaments are merely filled with fables and some loosely historic figures (i.e. Abraham, Moses, etc). Jesus Christ was no more the son of god than I am the king of Israel. In fact, there is no physical proof of his existence.

    I do, however, believe in the possibility that modern humans were genetically engineered from more primitive species of hominid. In other words, it is possible that we were designed by either extraterrestrial or inter/extra-dimensional beings to serve a purpose.

    As a spiritualist of a form that transcends that belief system, I believe that the Judeo-Christian model of a god is inaccurate. This might seem stange, but I think that the Force as portrayed in the Star Wars franchise is closer to the truth. I believe that there is a "force" that is the collective energy and consciousness of all spiritual beings. While this "force" is not conscious in the active sense of the term, I believe that both the consciousness (i.e. knowledge) and the engergy can be accessed by our spiritual counterparts.

    I do believe in demons. However, I believe that they are no more followers of "darkness" than humans. I believe that they are merely another form of being. Likely, inter/extra-dimensional beings. I believe that they get a bad reputation because the "evil" ones do attempt to possess human bodies. However, like all other beings, I believe that demons are just as capable of being good as they are evil.

    Also, I believe that your alleged abduction experience was merely a case of sleep paralysis. The symptoms match that diagnosis.

    1. You are, of course, completely wrong about the Bible being full of fables. I can tell you that Jesus Christ lives, and he is the Son of the living God, and that Christ is the one and only savior of mankind. There is no doubt about these facts. It is both spiritually and empirically obvious. There is both spiritual and physical proof of God's existence. You are simply denying the obvious.

      You are one of those who say the sun does not shine, even on a cloudless day at high noon. There have been many throughout history who have embraced the same erroneous views to which you subscribe.

      Repent. You have the same choice to make that Korihor and Zeezrom had between 76 BC and 82 BC, respectively. Zeezrom repented and followed truth. Korihor did not. Look them up and see what happened to each of them.

      Sleep paralysis, often accompanied by hypnagogic and hypnopompic hallucinations do indeed resemble many so called alien encounters and abduction phenomena. I am not saying they don't share common symptoms. I am saying that demonic abductions are often mistaken for sleep paralysis and hallucinations.

      What we explain away as sleep paralysis and accompanying hallucinations are not always merely medical or psychological. That is the point. What better way for the workers of darkness to mask themselves than to use some naturally occurring condition as a scapegoat.

      I promise you, what happened to Joseph Smith, Jr. immediately before he personally saw and spoke with both God the Father and Jesus Christ in a grove of trees in March of 1820 was no sleep paralysis and no hallucination. That was as real as it gets.

      That one event does more to prove the existence of God and his son, Jesus Christ, and the Devil and demons, and the war between good and evil than any other single event except the atonement of Jesus Christ. You cannot read this and not feel the truth of it. But you can pretend outwardly to deny it.

    2. We are going to have to agree to disagree. I do not believe that the new or old testaments state much in the way of historical facts. I'm sure that there are embellished stories based on truth. OK. Perhaps fables is not the appropriate term. But consider US history. Much more recent, correct? How much of it is unembellished truth? Or, worse yet, only half truth (by omission)? So, if we cannot even teach an accurate view of what has happened in the US for the past 400 years, how can you expect the people from 3000 to, say, 1900 years ago to have written absolute, unbiased, unembellished truth? Especially when you consider that many of these stories were passed down generation to generation before they were ever written.

      Re: The sun does not shine.

      Similar to eastern philosophies and religions, I believe that we are all children of the sun. Or, more broadly, children of light. At the very least, we are born that way. Unfortunately, many too many people lose their connection with their spiritual counterpart. That's not to say that they are soulless. Though that is a possibility in some cases. More often, it's just that they no longer have that open line of communication with their spiritual counterpart.

      Sorry, I don't buy what the Mormons are selling. Also, you have to think . . . Joseph Smith was 15 years old when the alleged events happened. Can you say, beyond doubt, that he was not doing any sort of drugs?

      Previous inhabitants of the Americas? That's easy. People crossed the Bering land bridge. Those people became the many Native American tribes that we know today. Some, such as the Inca, Aztec, Maya, etc moved further south into Central and South America. This is not a mystery. It's well known fact. Anything else is utter garbage.

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  2. Going out of body. We do this more frequently than you could ever imagine. The problem is that we usually don't remember. I can tell you, without a doubt, that I clearly recall going out of body on a handful of occasions. You should read Robert Bruce's book Astral Dynamics. The initial publication is available for free in pdf form. Just make sure the link indicates so that you know you're getting it from a legitimate source.

    I also believe that *some* lucid dreams are a form of out of body experience. Especially those where you have the ability to levitate.