Friday, October 7, 2016

Man-made Man-guided Storm or Coincidence?

hurricane matthew manmade mandguided storm photo hurricane-matthew-6-oct-2016-swath-72dpi-580x326_zpsxryrb0rz.jpg

Hurricane Nicole another weaponized storm system following Matthew photo hurricane-nicole-6-oct-2016-72dpi-580x387_zpswxda78zy.jpg

In a video shown on the Weather Channel, 6 October 2016, around 10:00 PM Eastern Standard Time in the USA (a video which I can no longer find), Meteorologist Ari Sarsalari, tracking Hurricane Matthew, observed:

"The unique thing about this storm that we haven't really seen with any other storm in the modern era is this track where the eye wall is likely to just buzz saw all the way up the coast of Florida ... and then same deal for parts of the Georgia coast and the South Carolina coast."

He later stated that Hurricane Matthew may loop back around and hit Florida a second time.

And, this is not all. Look at Hurricane Nicole
, now a Category-2 storm off the east coast of the USA. Is this another weaponized formation of meteorological mayhem?

I wonder if Hurricane Matthew, at least, is a man-made storm being used as a weapon. Notice the timing and the location of the track. It skirts right up the coastline of several conservative states, but conveniently turns out into the Atlantic Ocean and either dies or loops back on Florida for a second attack, being steered away from the more liberal states and Washington DC.

Timed just a month before the U.S. presidential election. Someone wants to derail the Trump Train and ensure a win for Hillary. And if Hillary dies or does not win the election, Obama wants to be sure he retains power as the sitting president in a time of national emergency. Inciting riots is not working on the scale he had anticipated. Why?

Because most Americans do not want to go out in the streets and get hurt and get arrested and cause trouble. They want play with their kids, go shopping, or sit at home, eat their favorite food, and watch television.

After decades of the government putting fluoride in the public water systems to make Americans more docile, guess what. They are.

But now, suddenly the government wants Americans to get angry and riot and act out violently. A few do. But many are docile, complacent, and lazy. Just the way the government wanted them.

The government shot itself in the foot, so to speak. It made a docile populous, and now wants that populous to become violent on a national scale. It's not working.

So, new technology and ancient sorcery are being deployed to manipulate weather and induce geological activity to wreak havoc.

Then, man will try to take credit for it, boasting of this great power he seems to command. But, God will unleash upheavals the likes of which man has never anticipated. And men will be afraid. Very afraid.

I know. Sounds ludicrous. But it's not.

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