Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Living Apostle Explains God's Equation for Happiness

If someone were to ask you the profound yet simple question, "Do you understand God's equation for happiness?" what would you say?

If you feel stumped by the question, you might use your handy mobile device to look up
and search for a good answer.

The answer is simply, "Happiness is the Sum of Obedience."

Referring to God's laws as outlined in the Ten Commandments, Elder L. Tom Perry explains this in his April 2013 General Conference address titled Obedience to Law is Liberty.

Compare this with the book Circumscription Hypothesis for a thoughtful perspective on the simple beauty of our complex universe.

Circumscription Hypothesis by Ilyan Kei Lavanway 2015 photo circumscription-hypothesis-2015-ilyan-kei-lavanway-book-cover-72dpi-300x453_zps050f4c6f.jpg

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