Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Demand Senators Vote Against S815 Gay Bill of Special Rights

Dear Senator Nelson,

It is imperative that you and your colleagues vote against S.815, the Gay Bill of Special Rights.

Take courage. Take a stand for the morally straight. Feel the prayers of the majority of your constituents who overwhelmingly oppose the perversion that S.815 attempts to normalize, protect, and reward.

You do not want the approval of S.815 on your hands. Aside from its own moral turpitude, it will lead to the normalization of further perversions, including but not limited to pedophilia and bestiality.

Those who support such behaviors will bring down the judgments of God on themselves and on this nation as a whole.

Crush S.815 with extreme prejudice!


Ilyan Kei Lavanway


I received the following email from U.S. Public Advocate, Eugene Delgaudio, this morning. I feel it is imperative to share it with all Americans. While this email is directed to Florida residents, it applies to everyone. Please contact your respective senators and urge them to defeat S.815 Gay Bill of Special Rights.

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Insider sources are reporting that the Senate is expected to vote on the Gay Bill of Special Rights (S.815) this week!

It looks like Senate leadership is trying to keep this quiet until the last second -- so that you and I don't have a chance to fight it.

But now we have got a crucial jump on their plans.

And I am going to need your full support to make the most of it.

You and thousands of other Floridians have been contacting your senator Bill Nelson, asking him to reverse his support for S.815.

But he hasn't budged yet.

This bill will create unprecedented employment privileges for homosexuals and transsexuals.

Businesses will be forced to maintain active quotas of homosexual employees - or risk federal lawsuits for "discrimination."

Even Christian businesses and institutions will be forced to hire sexual perverts.

In fact, the radical Left are already complaining that S.815 has TOO MUCH religious protection in it...

...conservative experts agree that the so-called religious protections currently included in S.815 are a sham with more loopholes than Swiss cheese...

...but the ACLU and the Homosexual Lobby are demanding that even those protections are too much!

Have no doubts -- the Homosexual Lobby wants to use the Gay Bill of Special Rights to punish pro-Family and Christian Americans.

You and I have to act now.

Our goal is to rouse the conservative minority in the senate to a pro-Family filibuster of S.815!

Public Advocate delivered one million petitions to 100 Senators earlier this year.

And we have collected over 50,000 fresh petitions since S.815 moved out of Committee a few weeks ago.

We will be delivering those directly to all 100 Senators.

But Sen. Bill Nelson could be a crucial vote to keep the radicals from the 60 votes they need.

Florida has always been a conservative and pro-Family state.

And Bill Nelson's support of S.815 goes against everything his constituents -- like you -- believe in.

Do you really want to see homosexuals and transsexuals elevated in every business across Florida?

Even worse, the Homosexual Lobby has just begun a serious campaign to "normalize" pedophilia as a "sexual orientation"... and that would be included in S.815 too!

Public Advocate is delivery petitions and working hard to recruit pro-Family senators to lead the filibuster.

But I need you to do your part changing Bill Nelson's vote:

1) Please call his D.C. office at (202)224-5274 and demand he vote against S.815, the Gay Bill of Special Rights.

2) Call his Tallahassee office, (850)942-8415, and give them the same message just for good measure.

3) Email him by clicking here - his phones are going to be overwhelmed and I want to make sure your opinion is received in writing no matter what.

4) Finally, forward this to everyone you know to help us spread the word.

I know I can count on you.

I will keep you posted on all breaking developments.

For the Family,

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President, Public Advocate of the United States

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