Thursday, November 8, 2012

Armageddon just got four years closer in one day. And we still think time travel is impossible.

The following is an email exchange I had with a close family member who I feel would prefer to remain anonymous. His theories are insightful, and I feel impressed to share them here, along with my two cents worth.

Initial message to me:

What a sad day for America!

But, the Lord is in control of human affairs.

The division between right and wrong, good and evil, will widen. The Church will be cleansed.

I foresee within the next 4 years the detonation of a nuclear bomb within the borders of the 48 mainland states. The wicked have become more numerous than the righteous. We can expect the rapid development of very hard times, continued lies, oppression, and tyranny.

But, the righteous will be preserved even if it so be by fire.

Be of good cheer, Zion will not fail!

My response:

It is a sad day, but an eye-opening day as well, and we know the wicked are now left without excuse. The Lord can begin the cleansing in earnest.

In 2008, it could be argued that we had to choose between two evils, and many voted for Obama out of ignorance. The same cannot be said today. We, as a nation, were given an eye-opening four years of history lessons, followed up by a clear choice between one very wicked man and one very righteous man, both of whose track records are now widely known. And we elected the very wicked man. We stood under the light of the noonday sun and insisted it was midnight. And now we have midnight.

As for the nuclear detonation on U.S. soil, I also think it will happen. We are in a time of "firsts" wherein we will see many events among the forces of nature and the operations of God and of man for the first time ever.

I am reminded of Alma and Amulek, when they were about to exercise the priesthood to intervene when the wicked were throwing innocent people, including women and children, into the fire. The Lord, in that specific case, instructed Alma and Amulek not to intervene. The righteous will be received unto God, and the judgments of God against the wicked will be fully justified.

Of course, we will continue to do all we can to uphold every shred of good left in America, but we do so with the knowledge that the judgments of God are being poured out against the wicked, and indeed, this election and its aftermath are among the judgments of God being poured out upon the heads of the wicked. The wicked will fall into the pit they have dug for the righteous, and they just dug that pit a lot deeper.

I also foresee a physical separation of those who are loyal to the constitution from the rest of the socialist society that now grips our country. Perhaps Romney will become the true president of what I call Constitutional America. At present, Constitutional America is the unorganized mass of individuals scattered throughout the land who individually uphold the Constitution. Soon, it will be the physical gathering of many of those individuals, organized and lead by a righteous leader, most likely a priesthood holder who is worthy to exercise the priesthood. This could be part of the greater gathering of Israel, and a catalyst to the fulfillment of related prophecies.

I wonder if a nuclear detonation will be the trigger that sets in motion the physical separation, or if a nuclear detonation will occur after the separation, and affect mostly the wicked. A thought just occurred to me. Perhaps the point of detonation will be among a body of the righteous, instantly and painlessly vaporizing a host of the righteous, who of course are received into a state of rest and mercy, but the surrounding wicked are left to agonize in the fallout for years to come. That would literally be a repeat of the Alma and Amulek scenario. The Book of Mormon was indeed written for our day.

Response to my response:

I think a nuclear blast in the midst of the righteous is a possibility. But more probably several will occur among the populated "Gomorrahs" on the coasts, thus driving the righteous and honest-in-heart inland, and many saints to the Center Place.

I agree with you about "Constitutional America."

I listen to "pun-dips" analyze the re-election of BO. Every one seems to miss the truth of the event and its preceding causes: evil just insanely delights in destroying virtue; that's Satan's way. Whoever is caught in that snare will not likely recognize their peril; and alerting them to the danger is impossible in the majority of instances.

But even so, we need to continue in the Lord's work as you say.

My reply to last transmission:

I think you're onto an interesting theory. I had not considered it until you mentioned it.

Interesting how the majority of our Sodoms and Gomorrahs are situated on our coasts. And our coasts are most vulnerable to nuclear attacks, both from domestic perpetrators as well as from ICBM and SLBM launches. Could be the beginning of the saints march to Missouri. I have heard that during that time we will indeed have to walk, and that no wheel will turn. I don't know the source for that statement, but it makes sense. The EMP from multiple coastal nuclear detonations, as well as from several high altitude detonations, would disable nearly all electronics on the mainland. Of course, one massive solar flare could do the same, and Heavenly Father may send one of those before man has a chance to unleash the nuclear scenario.

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