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One Veteran's Plea to the Country He Loves

head on view of american bald eagle, This fierce looking American Bald Eagle represents the determination of true patriots who love freedom and honor the constitution. Liberals, this eagle is staring you down.

I enjoy an endearing and unique kinship with my country. Allow me to share some personal observations and experiences. In many ways, I feel my life has paralleled the life of my country, though of course on a much smaller scale. This uncanny parallel is one of many reasons why I love America. I see myself in her, and I see her in myself. This to me is a gift from God.

I know the hand of God preserves me day to day, often against the perilous consequences of my own errors and sins. He grants me time to learn, understand, repent, correct myself, and return to him with full purpose of heart.

He has been extending exactly the same mercy toward my country for over two centuries. And just as I am given a finite time to correct myself before the day of reckoning, America must one day be judged by the same God who established her and gave her liberty.

Every fiber of America, that is to say, everyone from her loftiest leaders to her lowliest citizens, individually as persons and collectively as a nation, will at some point render a full accounting of all their works and the intentions of their hearts. That can either be a great and joyful day of redemption or a terrifying and dreadful night of condemnation. Choose now which way you want it to go.

For the sake of clarity, please allow me to define two opposing camps, namely conservatives and liberals. I will define them in the context in which I personally refer to them. I may understand this differently than many of you do, so I express this to clarify where I stand.

Conservatives, in my mind, are those who generally make an honest effort to honor, both openly and privately, deep seated Christian principles, though they may or may not know it by that name. They are morally straight. They value the sanctity of life. They cherish the institution of the traditional family and marriage, meaning a heterosexual, male father and a heterosexual, female mother, legally and lawfully wedded and faithfully devoted to each other and to their children.

Conservatives unabashedly and vigorously love, live, uphold, and defend the principles of individual freedom and liberty embodied in the constitution of the United States of America to the best of their understanding, and they make an ongoing effort to increase their understanding. Conservatives vote prayerfully and carefully. They vote for and sustain candidates and legislations that embody, preserve, and foster individual freedoms, independence, self sufficiency, resourcefulness, ingenuity, entrepreneurship, and personal accountability, or at least those that most closely attempt to promote such ideals.

Often, the choice is limited to the lesser of two evils. In such cases, conservatives opt for the least evil, and then work diligently to turn that evil to good, or replace it with good inasmuch as it is possible. Where such is not possible, conservatives remain steadfast and undaunted in their efforts to create workarounds by which they circumvent the evil and advance the cause of truth in spite of the prevailing evils.

Conservatives recognize the short-term onset and the long-term dangers of a welfare state and an entitlement state. They discern, expose, and actively oppose socialist agendas and the candidates who advocate socialist ideologies, even when such candidates and agendas are cleverly concealed beneath outwardly altruistic rhetoric, convincingly wrapped in charming promises that a troubled constituency wants to hear.

Liberals, in my mind, are the exact opposite, and are either unwitting or willful enemies to any of the principles for which conservatives stand. Those who do nothing because they simply don’t care one way or the other are liberal by default. It was so in the great pre-mortal war, and it is the same today.

The conflict is real, and it is of such a nature that there are no truly neutral or lukewarm positions. Life does have some gray areas, but those gray areas are rapidly polarizing into black and white, starkly delineated face-offs between good and evil. You are either for freedom or you are against it. You either strive for the narrowly defined and clearly marked path of good or you stagger about on the wide, confusing, vaguely defined path to become evil.

Ironically, for all their preaching of tolerance, diversity, equality, opened mindedness, anything goes, live-and-let-live sloganeering, liberals are generally far more easily offended than conservatives, even over such trivial matters as being on the receiving end of political humor or criticism. Liberals tend to react rather than act. They tend to retaliate and detract rather than move forward and rebuild. They tend to demand apologies, even for minor, inconsequential offenses, rather than offer understanding or empathy, rather than grow a sense of humor and laugh it off.

Liberals are quick to take offense when no offense was ever intended. They cry racism and bigotry when they themselves are often exactly what they accuse others of being, but usually in reverse. This phenomenon is often called reverse discrimination. Ironically, liberals who cry for tolerance and diversity are the least tolerant and most closed minded individuals.

Liberals have a conveniently selective view of freedom of speech. That is to say, they are free to say whatever they want to you, but you are not free to express opposition or displeasure toward them. Liberals squawk about their rights to express their views and spread their propaganda and indoctrinate your children as they see fit. However, they will not allow you to speak your mind or correct your children. If you do so anyway, then liberals will take offense and in some cases instigate litigation against you.

I have a political humor bumper sticker on my car that is offensive to liberals. Someone who did not like the sticker spit all over the side of my car while it was parked at a local beach. I have heard of other cases where conservatives have had their property severely vandalized over political humor that liberals could not tolerate.

For the most part, conservatives do not go around vandalizing property over opposing political humor. Most just laugh and carry on with life, confident in their values, and earnestly engaged in their constructive and creative endeavors.

I recently listened to a well meaning fellow express heartfelt encouragement for those suffering from mental illnesses to seek help, both from clergy and from professional specialists. I am paraphrasing echos of prophetic warnings when I tell you that a liberal mindset is a mental illness at best and a spiritual cancer at worst. You have a disease. Seek help.

But, you can't expect us all to think alike, can you? Aren't we all free to think differently? Yes, indeed we are. You are free to adopt a sick mindset that will bring down a nation, just as I am free to adopt a bad diet that will bring down my health.

In my opinion, it is unbecoming of a man of God having access to the fullness of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and Christ's priesthood to knowingly elect a candidate who embodies the socialist ideologies that prophets have expressly warned against. How dare I say such things? I dare. No apologies.

Now, this might seem a bit random to you, but stick with me here for a moment. Let me put things into perspective for you. A bit of toilet humor from a father battling his own frustrations while raising an encopretic, retarded, autistic, Down's syndrome son is harmlessly humorous in the broader picture. Such a father may divert his own anger into a cheerful, youthful, humorous manner of expression that, albeit a bit uncouth in the eyes of others, is far better than becoming embittered and scornful toward his own son who is suffering an unpleasant set of conditions. In this example, which by the way is a real life example, scatological humor serves an uplifting and redeeming purpose. Such humor could even be considered, in this case, to be a spiritual gift uniquely and mercifully bestowed by God upon this particular father for a wise purpose.

Contrast that example against a real life case in which a man of high station in Christ's priesthood knowingly elects an evil candidate to the most powerful office of government on the planet. We are talking about having elected and now possibly reelecting a completely unvetted candidate who is known to shamelessly surround himself with domestic terrorists, communists, anti-Semites, Islamic despots, criminals, liars, mob-like thugs, and a host of acolytes and influential associates of questionable integrity, all of whom demonstrate scant if any allegiance to America.

We are talking about a candidate who apologizes for America and literally as well as figuratively bows to despots and statesmen of foreign lands. A boorish, cheesy, foul-mouthed candidate who gives British Royalty a few cheap DVDs as a diplomatic gesture of good will and spends copious tax dollars on lavish vacations and golf outings during times of national crises. A candidate who refuses to render proper respect to the American Flag and the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem, publicly disrespecting the symbolism represented by the same.

A candidate who pushes socialist ideologies and openly declares that America is no longer a Christian nation. An appeaser of Islamic extremists. A Muslim candidate who
falsely claims to be Christian just so he can get Christian votes in the nation he says is not a Christian nation, which thing he says to win the approval of worldwide non-Christians, particularly his Muslim brothers who tirelessly plot the annihilation of America and Israel. A candidate who spins everything and stands for nothing but whatever bogus angle he thinks is politically expedient for him to promulgate at any given moment. A candidate who effectively declares himself to be the de-facto dictator of the USA and shamelessly desecrates the American Flag.

obama de facto dictator flag desecrates the american flag, Obama's face appears on a sick desecration of the American Flag, indicating he declares himself de facto dictator of the usa. This is worse than defecating on the American Flag.

The decision to elect such a candidate flies in the face of so many prophetic warnings, it is inconceivable. I know not how to reconcile such paradox. Stack this asinine choice and its weighty, protracted consequences next to a trivial bit of scatological humor that is genuinely hilarious, and you glimpse a colossal lapse in judgment at best, and at worst, outright treason or apostasy cloaked in the guise of a smile and a handshake.

Just so I am clear, I harbor no ill will toward the fellow who voted for Obama, but I am ardently and openly opposed to his decision to have ever elected him in the first place. I likewise oppose any intent to reelect him, if such intent exists.

The unspeakably deplorable and myopic decision to elect Obama has decimated the livelihoods of tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of individuals and families. It has opened the floodgates of filthy and false indoctrination in public schools. It has lowered the American standard of living at home and compromised American influence abroad. It has stained our reputation and weakened our stance. It has plunged Americans into the ghetto, shuttered countless family owned business, and ruined the hopes of countless youth and parents alike, perhaps even driving some pregnant mothers into such destitution that a few of them turn to abortion. The decision to elect Obama has saddled our children and our grandchildren with insurmountable debt and financial crises before many of them are even born, and may end up causing many more unborn to be aborted.

Does anyone out there know what the trends in U.S. suicide rates and murder suicide incident rates have been doing since November of 2008? What about abortion rates in the U.S. after 2008? I do not know, but I am curious. I suspect neither has diminished on Obama's watch. Maybe I'm wrong. When I tried searching Google, I could not find any clear statistics on these subjects beyond 2008. A conspicuous lack of data on such incidents post-2008 flies in the face of Obama's so called transparency of government. That could be a cover up worthy of an entire article all by itself.

The decision to elect Obama has hoisted a wall, pushed up a rift, and ripped a chasm between the very peoples that need to come together in the united cause of freedom. The decision to elect Obama is destroying my country. I will not stand idly by and let you do that, no matter who you think you are.

It is said that the pen is mightier than the sword. In the battle between good and evil, I take what is effectively pen and paper, and I write my heart out for the cause of truth, liberty, and the preservation of the divinely inspired Constitution of the United States of America. You are one of the King-men. I am Captain Moroni.

The latter-day prophet Ezra Taft Benson, who was a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints while also serving as President Dwight D. Eisenhower's Secretary of Agriculture, spoke sternly against the rise of socialism in America. He spoke against the influences of communism. He went so far as to recommend a book titled None Dare Call it Conspiracy, by Gary Allen.

Ezra Taft Benson pulled no punches in expressing disgust toward the godless communist leaders with whom he had spoken face to face, particularly Nikita Khrushchev. Benson called Khrushchev out by name, describing that godless despot as an atheistic murderer.

Ezra Taft Benson is the quintessential American hero. He was passionately devoted to the Constitution of the United States of America. I intend to follow his example. I am not a prophet, but I am a writer, and that is a gift God has given me. He expects me to apply it boldly and fearlessly. I am. I will not be censored or silenced.

If you voted for Obama in 2008, you might use the excuse that you didn't fully comprehend the folly of your choice. Fair enough. But, if you insist on attempting to reelect him in 2012, then you are left without excuse, and you have manifested a mental illness for which you need to seek help. Seriously. Sounds funny, but you would be surprised at how real this is. Modern political liberalism is undiluted insanity and spiritual hypocrisy.

Thanks to the very constitution you are bent on dismantling, and the blood, sweat, and tears shed by countless soldiers who paid the ultimate price to buy for you your unalienable right to be stupid, you are free to feel as you wish and think as you please, but you are accountable for how you think and what you feel and how you vote. And I will vote against your foolish and despotic, liberal ideals.

You have almost half a nation at your disposal as a support group who will be more than happy to welcome you with open arms and encouraging fellowship, if you will but make an effort to convert from your liberal ways and wholeheartedly embrace the cause of liberty. So it was in the days of Captain Moroni, between the years 74 BC and 57 BC upon this very land. And so it is today.

Notice that I did not attempt to define Democrats or Republicans. There is a reason for that. Being conservative or liberal does not necessarily mean you are aligned with any particular political party. Most Democrats tend to be liberal to some degree or another. Some, but I can no longer say most, Republicans tend to be conservative to some degree. Sadly, by cowardly acts of omission, by sitting idly and doing nothing, or by giving in to peer pressure, many Republicans have defaulted to liberalism and are just as bad as most Democrats.

Republicans and Democrats alike are on notice. Republicans who are too afraid to stand up and fight for what they know to be right are every bit as cancerous to American liberty as are the liberal Democrats they pretend to oppose.

In the big picture, the two major political parties of American politics are nothing more than two arms of a corrupt body of secret combinations seeking global domination under a unified world government. It will not be a government by the people and for the people. Such a government will never have the best interest of the people in mind.

World leaders will articulate fancy, convincing words about plans and initiatives for the greater good of all, and for the public welfare and safety, and for equality and environmental responsibility, and a host of other false pretenses. Many people who should know better will give in to the allure and embrace the diabolical cause.

Many well meaning Christians will be lured off course. This has happened before, on the ante-mortal side of that pesky veil of forgetfulness. You can't remember it, but trust me, it happened. And now, history is repeating itself. This will continue to escalate unabated until the grand finale.

A one world government on our telestial Earth will be utter tyranny, a reign of darkness that starts out as a cleverly masked form of socialism. It will be a welfare state on a global scale. It will be a global society of entitlement and idolatry. There will be no more sovereignty. It is modern-day Babylon, and it will fall. It is global Sodom and Gomorrah, and it will burn.

Jumping to one of many issues at hand, as much as we want to impeach Obama, we cannot. Legally, he is not the president. He never was. He is not an American citizen. He is not a legal resident of the United States. As an illegal alien who has no honest allegiance to the United States, he cannot even be tried for treason.

We can talk ourselves blue in the face about the plethora of legal means we could apply to oust Obama. Prosecute him for voter fraud, entry into the United States under false pretenses, organized crime, economic terrorism, conspiracy to commit murder, accessory to murder, possession and use of narcotics, blackmail, aiding and abetting the enemy, conspiracy to commit infanticide, perjury, contempt of court, and a litany of other crimes too numerous list here. But, who is able and willing to effectively pursue such cases against him? Even states do not seem to make any headway in law suits against this quintessential 21st century villain.

Obama has cleverly inserted himself into a position of power in a manner that prevents his removal by any means other than force. And that will never happen, because the forces that could remove him will not dare do so, for fear of being charged with inciting a coup and committing treason themselves. Obama has surrounded himself with trons who do his bidding. Some align with him willingly. Others do so under duress, perhaps because he sends his thugs to threaten their livelihoods or their very lives, or the lives of their families. Ask the Clintons about that. They are the original birthers.

Our only plausible recourse is to repent and prayerfully attempt to vote Obama out of office in the November 2012 presidential elections. That is if we still have presidential elections at that point. It will be nothing short of a miracle from God if Mitt Romney is elected. I believe in miracles. Perhaps the nation should turn to God in prayer before it's too late, before we are ripe for the utter destruction that awaits us if we don't.

We have to ask ourselves, if we have been blessed with the freedom to vote, then are we accountable for how we vote? Can we honestly admit, even to ourselves, why we vote the way we do, if we even care enough to vote at all?

In 2008, did you vote for the black guy just because he is black and it would be a novel idea to have our first black president?

Did you think electing Obama would actually advance the dream Martin Luther King envisioned? Or did you vote for him because you were afraid of being labeled a racist if you didn't? Or did you actually believe his lies. Did you think he was going to unite the country and put money in your pockets, pay your car payments, make your mortgage payments for you, take care of you, and give you free health care? Shame on you if you still harbor such delusions. You are part of the problem, not the solution.

Would it surprise anyone if news were to break that Obama wants to create a scenario wherein he can declare martial law or a national emergency that will require an extension of executive powers exceeding the normal duration of a presidential term, suspending presidential elections until further notice, all in the interest of continuity of government and national security until the crisis is resolved? If such were ever the case, whatever crisis he instigates will be protracted and unresolved for however long he remains in power. That's the hope and change you can count on if you let him stay in office beyond 2012.

At the very least, Obama will have placed the final stones in the foundation upon which such a scenario could play out after his regime has ended. Like infections so easily overcome an HIV host or an AIDS victim, corrupt successors will further the dissolution of American sovereignty all the more easily because of the weakened condition in which Obama and his minions will have left it. I believe Mitt Romney is the only remaining 2012 presidential candidate who has a reasonable shot at being elected and who will not jeopardize America or the Constitution.

You thought the 2008 presidential election was the most significant turning point in American political history. It pales in comparison to what's at stake in 2012.

Romney vs. Lucifer’s fece! The choice is as clear as day and night. But, America is more or less evenly split between those with some desire to preserve the constitution and those hoping for an entitlement state at the expense of liberty.

Obama is not the only problem. Congress is part of the problem. Voters are part of the problem. After all, voters put these guys in office and let them get away with anything.

This is history repeating itself. Ancient and modern prophets have warned of exactly the scenarios we face today.

Please indulge me as I unfold another personal illustration. Let's call it the marriage allegory.

When I was young and had just returned from two years of missionary service in Argentina, I prayed fervently to God to send me a girl to marry. I did not give any thought to what kind of girl or what character of girl I should seek. I was not actively putting forth much effort to seek out and meet a girl. Instead, I was waiting and crying out for God to simply plop a girl in my path. I just wanted to get married, because marriage was the right thing for a young, Christian man to do. And I was lonely.

God answered my prayer, and six years later I divorced the girl. The relationship was utterly unsustainable. Spiritual deficits exceeded financial deficits. I could never have discovered or begun to fulfill my life’s purpose if I were to have continued with that girl. In that particular case, it was fortunate that we had no children. God must have seen to that for a wise purpose.

But, I got what I prayed for. I had pleaded to God for a quick solution to my immediate loneliness, giving no thought to the details that would effect the far reaching consequences of my petition. In the heat of a short-term adversity, I had failed to ponder the protracted outcome of my desires.

I left out important elements I could have and should have specified in my petition to God. How could I expect him to just fill in the blanks for me, when I had taken no responsibility to do so for myself? He had blessed me with a sound mind and the freedom to search and reason and choose for myself.

When I failed to take personal responsibility in the process, I was in essence expecting a handout or an entitlement from God, having done nothing for myself. I got the handout. I got the entitlement. And it almost destroyed me.

As a side note, how many lottery winners and state welfare recipients do you know who are genuinely happy and confident and free of vices, and who take initiative to govern their own lives? Didn’t think so.

I had to repent and correct myself and make a better choice. Having been given the chance to elect anew, I did so with great care and initiative, becoming a living example of what it means to be proactive, exercising Herculean efforts in mind and body and spirit, discerning and attending to every detail of the process. I worked and fasted and prayed more diligently and meticulously than I ever had in my life. I was determined to get it right. I am eternally blessed for having done so.

So, if you prayed about who to vote for in 2008, and you feel God prompted you to vote for Obama, even if you did not wholeheartedly approve of Obama but supposed him to be the lesser of the evils, then you still made the wrong choice. You fell into the same trap I did when I chose my first wife. In the heat of your adversity and displeasure, which likely included some disillusionment with President George W. Bush, you failed to ponder the protracted outcome of your petition.

You prayed for change, and along came a seemingly charismatic, younger candidate with a fresh, new face and a novel opportunity to become a historical first, and he seemed to be a gifted orator, at least when delivering prepared speeches from a teleprompter, spouting hope and change. You took it as an answer from God. You got what you prayed for. You got change, alright. However, you failed to consider what type of change you were asking for. I might be way off, here, but I'll go out on a limb and take a guess that I hit the nail on the head.

Like country like citizen. In my marriage experiences, I got and deserved what I elected. Both times. I elected liberal the first time around, and look what it got me. I wised up and elected conservative the second time around, and I am eternally grateful for the results. Okay. Stop right there. You are missing the point.

I am not talking about my first wife being politically liberal and my second wife being politically conservative, although, interestingly, that was the case. But, that is not at all my point.

Understand the more profound symbolism in this allegory. The way I handled my desperation to get married the first time around was representative of a liberal mindset. The way I conducted my quest for my second wife was representative of a conservative mindset. Re-read the allegory above. Re-read it, and this time bear in mind that I married my first wife after only three months of casual, convenient, local dating.

In the case of my second wife, I searched intensely for eight months just to identify a primary candidate. No, I do not refer to girls as candidates, but since this is a political allegory, just roll with it.

Once I had selected a primary candidate, I focused all my attention and affections exclusively on her and persisted in a fervent and thoughtful and detailed, long-distance, three-year courtship that included daily letter writing, actual pen and paper letters with stamps and envelopes, not emails and text messages. Neither of us had a computer or a cell phone.

I moonlighted at a second job, changing oil on automobiles, so I could buy her a diamond ring without incurring debt, and so I could literally purchase the ring for her by the labor of my own hands and by the sweat of my own brow. That was important to me, and she is worth every effort. I am a literal descendant of Jacob, son of Isaac, son of Abraham. Read the Bible story of
Jacob and Rachel and you will understand why this romantic ethic runs deep in my blood.

I traveled three times overseas, to the opposite side of the planet, to visit this precious girl in her Mama's house, and to arrange her immigration documents with the appropriate government offices in her country. I also prepared and submitted and followed up on the necessary immigration documents for her at the appropriate offices here, in America.

On my third annual visit to her country, I brought her home with me to America and we were married and sealed together for time and for all eternity in the Seattle Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She immigrated legally. A multitude of miracles came to pass with precision timing to enable these things to happen. All of this was accomplished while I was serving full time active duty in the military. She is now a United States citizen.

We have been married for twelve years and have one son, and in spite of mortal life's difficulties, we are happy. The faith and time and effort invested to do it right were and are worth more than words can express. That is the conservative mindset I am trying to impart to you through my marriage allegory.

America, my country who has loved me, know that I have been and continue to be schooled by you. Now, please take a lesson from me, one of your veteran sons who loves you.

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